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Monday, February 28th, 2011

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winter training!

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

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Annual Banquet

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

The Annual Banquet is coming up in just over a week. It’s
on Thursday 2/17 at Bella Domani, starting at 6 pm for drinks. Cash bar of

Please send your check for $13/person to:

Sam Sampere
389 Summer Haven Dr.
East Syracuse, NY 13057

Please make check payable to CNY Triathlon Club.

If you want to come but do not plan to eat, just send Sam an e-mail to rsvp.

We have a great panel lined up this should be a great information session!

Banquet – Feb. 17th

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Don’t forget the Annual Club Banquet is coming up see the calendar for more information.

Check out our numerous indoor training opportunities by clicking on the new Winter Training Facility (WTF) button below.

Keisuke Inoue

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

February 2011 CNY Triathlon Club-Member Profile


Name: Keisuke InoueKeisuke Inoue 1

Tell us about yourself: I am currently a PhD student at the School of Information Studies, Syracuse University. Before coming to the US, I was a software engineer in Tokyo. I came to SU for a Master’s degree in Computer Science, proceeded to get Master’s in Linguistics, and then became a PhD student.  I like being in a multi-disciplinary field, both academically and athletically.

How long have you been involved in Triathlon and what made you take it up? I started doing triathlons in 1997, when I was working in Tokyo. I watched Ironman on TV when I was really small, when the races were self-organized and the names of all the finishers were called at the award ceremony.  I was very intrigued, but I was not an athletic kid (I was actually the heaviest kid in the elementary school back then.)  After I graduated from college and started working, I started going to a sport club, and started doing spinning.  I was running casually at that point, so I thought I would be able to do triathlon, if I could learn how to swim.  I could not swim at all until then. I did one race in Japan, but since then all the races I have done were in the US.

Who is your Hero? Sam Sampere… seriously, I say all the triathletes are my heroes! We all have different stories, goals and achievements, and they are all unique and incomparable.  It always motivates me / makes me happy to hear fellow triathletes’ stories.

Keisuke Inoue 2What is your athletic background? When I was in college, I was in the University’s rifle shooting team. The sport is almost the complete opposite of triathlon… it is about how much you can control your body not to move (rather than how much you can move). It is a great sport, but was not for me.

What are your Triathlon strengths and weaknesses? In terms of the three disciplines of the sport, running is my strength and swimming is my weakness. My biking is becoming better. But my real weakness is probably wine, beer and sake.

What was your first triathlon and what do you remember most? My first race was a sprint distance triathlon using a pool, but I had to take breaks several times, holding onto buoys! I drank a lot of water during the swim, but after getting out of the pool, there was a bunch of people handing out water and I felt I had to take the water in order to be a true triathlete. Gulping the water was the toughest part of the race!

What is your favorite race and why?

Ironman Lake Placid and Cazenovia Lake Triathlon because in both races, I can see friends and familiar faces during the race.

What was your worst race and why? In 2004, I forgot to bring energy bars for Ironman Lake Placid. I bonked hard, rain was pouring down and the temperature was dropping. During the race, I left my bike with some person watching the race, went to my car in the parking lot and grabbed a rain jacket. Many people were running with the silver emergency blankets and purple lips. Keisuke Inoue 3

What are this year’s goals? No injuries and PR at Ironman Lake Placid IMLP. Oh, more importantly, finish school and get a real job.

In five years you hope to … : Get married and have kids… many of my friends have kids now and I am super jealous. I love watching kids tris, too.

Something most people don’t know about you: I started Syracuse University Triathlon Club in 2003, but struggled to grow the club, because we did not have organized collegiate triathlon competitions. I worked with a few people from other Universities and started the Northeast Collegiate Triathlon Conference (NECTC) in 2005. Today, the NECTC includes about 200 students and 12 schools, which makes it one of the most developed collegiate conferences in the U.S.