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Keys to the WTF – October 25, 2011

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Winter Training Facility (WTF). It is that time of year when it is getting more difficult if not impossible to get out for those bike rides. But don’t put those bikes away completely.

I know how we can often despise getting on those indoor trainers, but misery loves company. So join a group for a spin indoors. There are several opportunities available in the area but they have limited spin bikes and get filled to capacity quite often. So we invite y’all to get together when you can on your own bikes at the WTF.

Once again this year, starting November 1st , the CNY Tri Club has 50 bike trainers, a sound system, DVD player and two large screen displays in rented space at Shoppingtown Mall (between Dick’s and Sears). The facility is open to all current CNY Tri Club as well as Onondaga Cycling Club members.

Since we have had an incredible growth in membership, the Club invested some of those dues to increase your training possibilities.

  • Now you are not constrained by finding a Spin instructor and getting in their class. You can follow a training program on large screen displays. The CNY Tri Club purchased the Spinervals Base Building 12 DVD set along with a Base Building program for use by our members at the WTF. I am busy building the program onto the winter calendar with the first few weeks already input.
  • And to build your strength for next season, the CNY Tri Club has purchased the P90x DVD Program as well. An Introduction video at 12 noon on November 2nd will be given by Peter Riehlman, company representative and P90x athlete as well as Club member. The Classic program is on the schedule for the following week starting Monday November 7th.

On the calendar, we have set up a schedule for early morning risers, mid morning weekend/holiday warriors, lunch hour workday athletes, and weeknight dedicated cyclists.   Just click on the day you are interested in, look for a time slot and leave a comment at the bottom to which session you will attend.

But wait the time slot has “No Leader Yet“…

Anyone can be a session leader.

  • If you want to follow the Spinervals DVD Base Building Program or the P90x DVD program, no prior Instructor experience or skill is required. We are looking for volunteer leaders to issue a key to. The leader responsibilities are to unlock the facility, turn on the lights, power up and place the DVD in. Then lock away the DVD, shut off the equipment and lights prior to locking up on the way out.
  • However as the leader you need to check all the bikes as they come in to ensure they are secured properly in the trainers. We have had a few occasions where even experienced athletes fell out of the trainers because they did not secure them properly. Luckily the only thing bruised so far was their egos.

What is this “Babysitter None Yet” …

We have put a slot on the schedule for a babysitter in the 6pm weekday sessions as well as the 10am weekday holiday sessions. Parents, I am guessing that for $3 a child or two siblings for $5 might add up quickly for a Babysitter. And the older kids have the Skate Center across the hall from the WTF that is open and available with the Babysitter. (2 hours for $5 roller and $7 boarding). Once a Babysitter signs up, leave a comment at the bottom of the session if you want to use the Babysitter.

Please email us at to sign up for a time slot as a leader or Babysitter.

We will post your slot on the schedule. We would appreciate committing to a recurrent time each week but we understand if you can only lead sporadically. You need to have a time slot posted on the web site’s calendar for liability purposes in order to use the facility.

And you are not limited to the time slots we have set up already. If you want to lead the session with a more traditional Cycling Class, or a DVD different than the Spinerval or P90x of the Day choice that is fine also. However, you cannot not conflict with those slots we have already setup. A weekday midmorning or afternoons and late evenings are available.

If you have a group of casual riders or competitive team, feel free to sign up to lead a time slot as well. Your group is welcome if they are current club members as well. Just be aware that other club members are eligible to attend your session as well.

Note: The DVDs are for use at the facility but Coach Troy Jacobson is providing all members a discount code, available at the WTF, for a free one month membership, to purchase DVDs at 20% off for use at home. That way if you are unable to make the group session you can still get the workout in at home.

A broad overview of the full Spinervals base building program we will use through Christmas follows. You are not pressured to complete all 5 weekly sessions .  And with all sessions at the WTF, ride only part or all of the workout at the effort you are ready for. We have set aside 5:30am and 6pm weekday session times as well as 6am and 10am Sunday sessions. Other times can be made available.

  • an increasing longer ride on Sunday (2- 2.5 hours),
  • an hour long technique oriented Monday workout,
  • rest day on Tuesday (good day for Tri Yoga session),
  • 1.3 to 1 hours Aerobic Intervals on Wednesday,
  • 45 min Recovery ride on Thursdays,
  • 1.2 to 1.7 hour Aerobic intervals on Fridays,
  • Rest on Saturdays.

Note: Peter Riehlman will be able to order P90x DVD set for use at home for all those interested as well.

The P90x Classic program is based on 6 days of different DVDs to hit all your body at different times. We have set aside Monday thru Saturday noon sessions. Other times can be made available.

The first three weeks will include

  • Rest on Sundays,
  • Chest and Back / Abs on Monday,
  • Plyometrics on Tuesday,
  • Shoulder and Arms / Abs on Wednesday,
  • Yoga on Thursday,
  • Legs & Back / Abs on Friday,
  • Kenpo on Saturday.

The winter season will be long with lots of opportunities to build yourself up for spring riding.

Take advantage of them.

CNY Tri Club Executive Board
John Evans

Speed Coaching, Holiday Party – October 24, 2011

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Note: We recently added previous years members from the listserv to our mailing list.  The mailing list is used for Board Announcements (1-2 a month) as well as our monthly Newsletter.  The Board Announcements and Newsletters are archived and available on the CNY Tri Club Web site.  If you do not wish to receive these emails just use the link for safe unsubscribe at the bottom of this message.

Speed Coaching

Please keep Thursday November 10th open for our fall club meeting. Club member Steve McCormick is quite excited to be our host this month for our Speed Coaching evening. [@ Baldwinsville Brewery]

The cost is $15/person and the menu (provided by Tabatha’s) is:

Herb Roasted Pork or Garlic Herb Chicken
Wild Rice
Penne with oil, garlic and broccoli or Penne with Vodka sauce
Steamed Garden Vegetables
Caesar Salad
Homemade cupcakes

Please send checks made payable to CNY Triathlon Club to:

Sam Sampere
389 Summer Haven Dr.
East Syracuse, NY 13057

You must RSVP and pay in advance to have dinner.

Confirmed coaches include:

Mike Corona
Kelly Covert
Reem Jishi
Brent Morehouse (if Shannon is not in labor)
Janet Ohlsen
Pete Riehlman (P90X workouts)
Kristin Roe
Karen Allen Turner (if she is not in labor)
Stacey Wannamaker

So come on out, spend a few minutes with each coach, and see which one(s) you might want to hook up with for your fastest and fittest season ever!

Winter Training Facility

The WTF opens up on 11/1/11 … More Details in a separate email shortly.

Holiday Party and Dance

Our first Annual Club Holiday Party will be on 12/10/2011 at our favorite place, Bella Domani. Club member Brian Lang will prepare an evening of delicious finger foods, otherwise known as hors d’oeurves, for us to munch on while we dance the night away to the awesome sounds of TCB, formerly known as The Celebration Band! Club members Erika Adigun and Sam Sampere form 2/7 of this dynamic and entertaining ensemble.

So, come out and dance and get in some serious cross training. We’ll start sometime around 7 and end about 10. Sound good? The cost will be $11/person. You’ll have to pay for your alcoholic beverages, though.

If you would like to attend, please send a check to the address listed above. You can combine Speed Coaching and the Holiday Party on a single check if you like. I’m pretty good at math, so figuring that out won’t be too difficult.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to



Pro Round Table dinner – September 8, 2011

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Pro Round Table Dinner

Have you ever wondering what life is like as a Pro Triathlete? How the first year is like to turn Pro? And how about several years into Pro life?

The CNY Tri Club is hosting our local first year Pro, Kristin White, along with at least two other pros to be announced as we see their travel to the area is successful. Air travel, flooding, wildfires, hurricanes and staying healthy is just some of the challenges these athletes have just to get here to race our equally challenging 70.3 course.

We get to have a relaxing evening listening to their stories, asking questions and maybe even discussing that race course that suits Kristin well but may have a few of us a bit anxious.

But you only have until Sunday to sign up!

So this year start your 70.3 weekend off by coming out to Bella Domani on Friday September 16th from 6-9 pm to meet several of the pros competing in this year’s race.  The RSVP date has been extended to Sunday, September 11, 2011.  Don’t miss out on this great event.

Please RSVP to Meghan MacBlane at

by Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Details:

What:       Pro Roundtable with buffet dinner provided by Bella Domani

Where:     Bella Domani, 5988 East Taft Road Syracuse, NY 13212

When:      Friday, September 16, 2011 6-9 pm

Cost:         $10 for club members and $20 for all others

Hope to see you all there.


Also if you have any questions you would like to submit ahead of time to the pros please forward them to me at .

5988 East Taft Road
Syracuse, NY 13212

From Downtown:
Take I81 North to exit 28 Taft Rd. Turn right at light. 1/2 mile on right hand side.

From Thruway:
Get off at exit 36. Take I81 North to exit 28 Taft Rd. Turn right at light. 1/2 mile on right hand side.

From North:
Take I81 South to exit 28 Taft Rd. Turn left at light. 1/2 mile on right hand side.

CNY Tri Club Weekend – August 21, 2011

Sunday, August 21st, 2011


First on the list is your RSVP for the club picnic next Sunday 8/28).

Please confirm your attendance by sending an e-mail to

Sam Sampere

We need firm numbers by this Wednesday.

The price/person is $10 for adults, $5 for kids. The menu is below… If you RSVP and choose NOT to come, the club still needs to pay for that food. So please only RSVP if you intend to come no matter the weather. If it is raining, we are NOT cancelled.


  • Hot dogs
  • Burgers
  • Marinated Steak  w/onions & peppers
  • Honey Glazed Grilled ChickenGrilled Vegetables
  • Baked Beans
  • Potatoe Salad
  • Quinoa Salad
  • Green Salad
  • Cookies
  • Assorted beverage

Agenda for picnic:

  • 9:00 am club triathlon championship
  • kids tri to follow
  • picnic to follow.

You need not RSVP for the race(s), only if you want to join in for the picnic.


So far, about 75 swimmers have RSVPed for the swim next Saturday (8/27). If you want to practice the 70.3 swim course (1.2 miles), please send an e-mail to you know where (

Immediately following the swim is the OCC Gran Fondo. Please see the OCC website ( for registration details. In a nutshell, Pay $20 in advance. When you arrive, $10 will be refunded. Here’s what you get for your $10. Ride either the 70.3 course or a 22 mile option with sag support. There will be prizes, a treasure hunt, free ice cream at the Official 70.3 Pit Stop in DeRuyter, and a catered BBQ afterwards. You will also be granted an OCC membership for the remainder of the year. That’s a GREAT deal! But you must pre-register today!


Trashman Friday evening at Jamesville Beach! The weekend starts on Friday evening Aug 26 with the summer addition of the Trashman. The Trashman is our club service project. We are an Onondaga County Adopt-a Roadway organization and we have taken on the task of cleaning up a one mile stretch of Apulia Road near Jamesville Beach.
We will meet at 6PM, Friday August 26, on Apulia Road near Gate 2(just south of the main entrance). Please park on the west side of Apulia Rd., opposite Gate 2. Bring work gloves and old clothes and foot wear- long pants recommended, if it’s not ridiculously too hot. We will have trash bags and safety vests. We will pick up and bag trash for an hour. We have no organized run or ride associated with this event, but feel free to do so on your own before or after.
If you are doing the open water swim on Saturday the 27th and haven’t earned your free entry into that yet by previously volunteering, picking up trash on Friday night will save you $5 on the swim on Saturday morning.

I hope to see a lot of you there on Friday the 26th at 6PM. We would like to see our area around the park looking good for the Syracuse Ironman 70.3, just three weeks after that.
Send me an email if you are coming, or have questions.

Tom Stern

Share Pizza with Lifeguards – August 17, 2011

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

CNY Triathlon Club Members,

Our training season is drawing to a close.

Tonight, Wednesday night the 17th, the Club will have pizza to share with the lifeguards who head off to school at both Oneida Shores and Jamesville Beach.

Last night for Oneida Shores but Jamesville Beach will be bringing in temporary help to allow the Club one more night at Jamesville only on August 24th.

The weekend following our last Wednesday night will be Club Weekend at Jamesvile Beach.

  • Friday night, the 26th, is the last Thrashman pickup of the summer along Apulia Road at 6pm.
  • Saturday Morning, the 27th, is the Tri Club’s final Open Water 1.2 mile Swim at Jamesville signing in between 8am and start time of 8:30am.  Sign up with
  • After the swim, Onondaga Cycling Club will be hosting a ride on the 70.3 bike course and BBQ . Register thru
  • Sunday, the 28th will be the Club picnic starting with an Adult Triathlon followed by the Kids Triathlon Finale of the season and the picnic to follow.  RSVP to be announced.

Jim Mirra our Jamesville Training Series Director has some words to pass on to the group:

Hi everybody,

Just a couple of things.. first we have two weeks left.. 17th and the 24th.

We are still having problems with athletes not signing in and/or out

Nobody is to go to the bike transition area without signing in first..when you complete your last part of of your training don’t forget to sign out..Don’t talk to anybody.. sign out first..

I am still committed to getting everybody into the water by 600PM, but you all have to cooperate..when you get here please gather your stuff and get signed in..sometimes I see people hanging out in the parking lot just standing there it makes me a little crazy. I want to give you every bit of the two hours we have..

Before we start swimming you must be counted..You have to go between the two swim counters.. Not around them Please. Ok I guess that’s it..

See everybody Wednesday

Jim, the guy in the wetsuit

Also, please obey the rules of the road.. No drafting.. No riding side by side.. Wear a helmet..

Mentioned before in July Newsletter, be familiar with the course(s) before you show up

Here is something I noticed it this weekend at the Caz Tri. Some of the participants were completely clueless.. I’m not talking about the newbies.. I’m talking about people I’ve seen at other tri’s.. Questions like where is the swim course.. How long is the bike course and which way do I go..How do I get out of the bike transition.. How far do I run.. and where. My point is that anybody who is doing a race should know ahead of time the answers to these questions. Every tri has a website which lists swim, bike and run course map information. Knowing this race information will relieve a lot of race day jitters. You don’t want to have any surprises..Also don’t wait until your wave is called before going into the water..Get wet before hand.. get the initial shock of the water temp out of the way. Enough said.

Call for Caz Tri Volunteers – August 10, 2011

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Dear CNY Triathlon Club Members,

Our main event, the Cazenovia Triathlon is Sunday, August 14 and we need some more
volunteers at the following positions:

Packet pickup – 3 more needed- Friday 12th, noon – 4PM at Fleet Feet

Parking – 5 more needed-6:00 AM-8:30 AM
Bike Course-12 more volunteers needed- 8:00 -11:30 AM
Transition – 8 more volunteers needed- 6:00 AM-11:30 AM
Run course-5 more volunteers needed- 9:00 AM – noon

This is our crown jewel event for the year. There are over 600 registered participants
and many are from around Central New York and beyond. We want to have a well run
race and need 125 volunteers on Sunday, Race day. We need 30 more for the SUNDAY
positions and 3 for FRIDAY. Please follow the link to sign up on-line and scroll down to Cazenovia Triathlon and
“online sign up form”.

Thanks for volunteering!
Rich O’Neil
CNY Triathlon Club
Cazenovia Triathlon Volunteer Coordinator

Staying Safe on Wednesday Nights – July 26, 2011

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Hey all you CNY Triathletes

Heads up, you may want to have some rubbing alcohol and cotton balls waiting at home
for you.

The CNY Tri Club is continuing to grow and make changes to keep us all safe while
training for our multisport races.

We had a member that required medical response last week. Jill ended up overnight at
the hospital before being released in the following afternoon. Dehydration and heat
exhaustion can sneak up on you. I have been at the receiving end of a post race IV several
times early in my competitive career. Some thirty years later I still have a healthy respect
for heat and the effects on my body. Unfortunately, Wednesday nights are training
events and there is not the staff manning several water stops, medical vehicles on course
or a triage unit at the finish like there are at races. So please back off as you would if you
were training on your own when the weather conditions are difficult.

One of the lessons learned was she does not remember anything from running down the
hill to the finish at Oneida Shores until later in the hospital. Jill sat down in the transition
and basically became more unresponsive as we gave her water and ice to cool her down.
Some of the us knew her so we were able to use the emergency contact list we instituted
this year to contact her husband while we had 911 on another phone. With nearly 1100
members now there is a good possibility if this was to ever happen again we may not
know who the fallen member is and would be unable to contact their loved ones.

So from this week on all athletes upon check in will be given a number from the contact
list to write on the back of their left wrist with a marker pen. Anyone who, within five

minutes after their finish, cannot stand back up can expect that your contact and 911 will
be called. The number on your wrist will be used to identify you and your emergency
contact. Earliest ambulance support will keep any complications from developing.

The CNY Tri Club used the writing the number on our wrist procedure for Saturday’s
Open Water swim, and I was able to easily wipe off the number with rubbing alcohol on a
cotton ball when I got home.


Secondly, water temperatures have created problems this year. Lake Placid Ironman on
Sunday had to disallow any athletes that wore wet suits from any awards or Kona
Championship slots. Lake Delta’s triathlon this weekend may indeed have non wetsuit
procedures in place as well.

This week may cool the lakes enough but we will have to see.

So we are going to make it clear that in our training events we will take the conservative
safe approach. My confidence rose and I am more aware of the challenges of completing
the swim leg of my next triathlon without a wet suit after the no wet suit procedure was
used in this past Saturday’s open water swim at Cazenovia. We ended swimming
significantly slower as the athletes at Lake Placid found as well. And also being anxious
makes any swim difficult. Take advantage of the Club’s training events to get comfortable
in warm waters when you are not allowed to wear a wet suit. Lots of CNY athletes
reported being especially anxious having your legs hit or bumped into without the wet
suit to keep them afloat at Lake Placid.

No wet suits at CNY Tri Club training events with water temperature above 78 degrees.

Train safe so you can race healthy.


Finally, stay connected with the local training community. We now have all the listserv
messages available for all to review right on the Club’s web site.

(It is under the Contact pull down menu — Discussion List).

Just click on (View by –Date) of the current month archives to see all the messages from
the beginning of the month to the current posting.

That way if a message is posted about a ride, run or swim, you can find out about it even
before your daily digest is emailed to you.

Remember if you want to post to the listserv you must subscribe as well. But all can see
the messages on our web site.

Stay tuned for links and possibly viewing of the Facebook discussions right on the Club’s
web site as well in the near future. Once again you will have to join the group or page to
be able to post. Details to follow.

Membership Director
John Evans
(315) 699-6449

Wednesday Training, Open Water Swims – July 17, 2011

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

Hi all,
200+ athletes at J’ville and OS last night – wow! Despite what you may be thinking, you
are all athletes, not simply people participating in some activity with the girls (or boys).
Unfortunately, many of you seem to be suffering from athletic injuries as witnessed by
the long line waiting to see Brent and John. I learned a lot by listening in, so thanks for
that opportunity as well. As long as they’re coming, feel free to stop by and hammer
them with questions, present your ailments, and get their thoughts. Learn something
while you’re there. Take advantage of this opportunity while you have it.

They also bring stuff for you to play with – foam rollers, therabands, etc. That stuff is
there for your use. Don’t be shy, pick it up and try the stuff out, especially if you DON”T
know what to do with it. I love my foam roller now!

On a more serious topic, we did not have any course marshalls on the bike leg. Why? We
now have 1010 members (NOT a typo) and we can’t get 6 or 8 volunteers? Cripe! We are
going to start making phone calls to harass people to step up and volunteer. Honestly, I
can’t believe that we need to resort to this. I’d much rather have board members spend
their time to make the club better, not to patch up holes that are easily filled.

Witnesses reported one of OUR athletes riding without a helmet AND wearing earbuds.
Both are very much against the rules, and extremely stupid! That not only puts you in
danger, but also your fellow club mates, and we cannot allow that to happen. Sorry, if
you forget your helmet, you’re NOT riding unless you can borrow one. It’s that simple.
Again, out of courtesy, please don’t wear earbuds – PERIOD! Even one earbud is not
tolerable. In all honesty, I cannot believe that we still need to mention this again! Ok, can
you tell I’m just a bit upset? What else do we need to do to get this message across?
Members, if you see someone breaking the rules, please inform that person and alert the
event directors or other board members who may be present. Also, not everyone is
signing out. After everyone leaves, we need to call to make sure you all made it safely
back. Please, remember to sign out when you finish your workout. Ok, gripe over.

Jerry Rice is a really cool dude, and owns the resort on the south end of DeRuyter Lake.
Below is an e-mail he sent to me…


Hey Sam,

Jerry Rice…your 70.3 Pit Stop. You and I talked a couple weeks ago about open swimming
in DeRuyter Lake…FYI, I’ve gotten some emails, phone calls and people just stopping in
asking about practice swimming in DeRuyter for the Iron Girl. I have my buoys set for my
own morning swim which two laps equal a 1/2 mile. If you want to spread the word that
people are welcome to come out and swim…weekday mornings are the best time with
minimal or no traffic. If a group wants to come out I can recruit some of my family and
renters to kayak with them.

Jerry Rice

You can contact Jerry at Here is another opportunity for us.
While we’re there, please remember to pick up all your trash, including gel packages,
energy bar wrappers, etc. Believe it or not, this really became a problem last season.

Remember, our next 1.2 mile open water swim at Jamesville Beach is Saturday, July 23.
Please check in by 8 so we can enter the water by 8:30. If you want to swim, RSVP to me
at Below is the current list of swimmers. We are limited to
about 100 swimmers, so dash off that e-mail before you’re closed out.



And the swimmers…

Armstrong, Deborah

Auyer, Beckie

Ayoub, Ted

Brookins, Mike

Clinton, Eileen

Cowan, Stacey

Cromp, Tracy

Dagati, Andy

Dellow, Brian

Enders, Riley

Farrell Colleen

Francis, Lauri

Gaffney, Mindy Lu

Godfread-Brown, Andrea

Goode, Diane

Gooley, Dawn

Gosson, Caroline

Heath, Kristen

Hidy, Brian

Kerin, Maureen

Knittel ,Jean

Krupka, Nancy

Kutil, Keith

MacBlane, Meghan

Martone, Lisa

Martone ,Bill

Maser, Missy

Mirra ,Jim

Molinari, Nate

Mullally, Kristin

Mylott, Adrienne

Nardone, Lisa

Oliver, Laurie

Pasco, Nick

Pauline, Gina

Perkins, Peggy

Perkins, Jeff

Poniros, Jill

Profusek, Dave

Recco, Gina

Rewakowski, Brett

Sampere, Sam

Savage, John

Scalzo, Kelly

Turner, John

Winkler, Pete

Woods, Liam

Fund Raiser for the Humane Association at WTF – March 21, 2011

Monday, March 21st, 2011

On Saturday March 26th, we are going hold a fundraiser at the Winter Training Facility!
The WTF is located in Shoppingtown Mall which is off of Erie Blvd East in Dewitt or off of 481
South taking Dewitt exit and turning right on to RT 5 and bearing right on Erie Blvd East going
West. Make first right then left, park in front of mall.. go to main entrance, make left when you get to
JC Penney’s, make right at end of corridor towards Sear’s, the WTF is on the left across from the
roller blade/skateboard park in the mall.

The theme is “CNY TRI CLUB AND OCC MEMBERS GIVE BACK” and all proceeds will benefit the
Humane Association of CNY. The fundraiser will run from 8AM to 5PM, and all CNY Tri Club
members and OCC members are encouraged to join in the fun!

Pledge forms are available on the CNY Tri Club website. You can download a copy of the pledge
form here: Pledge Form Flyer. Riders will obtain pledges from friends, family, and co-workers.

The minimum pledge will be $15 dollars per rider, and pledges can be collected as cash or checks
made payable to the Humane Association but do not mail the checks, just bring them in. On pledge
day, participants can ride as little or a long as desired. Also, pledges can be made as a flat pledge
rate or you can have your friends challenge you to see how long you can ride by pledging an
amount for each 30 minutes you ride.

Movies and music will be playing all day long, and we will have a few other surprises throughout the
day! Bring the family, hang out in our lounge area and gaze into our disco ball – relax, talk and
watch others spin. I encourage all club members to come and participate to support this worthy
pledge-form.doc, sign-up.xls

The fundraiser is open to everyone not just Tri Club and OCC members. Tell your friends, family
and co-workers to come and join in on the fun and if they have a bike bring it and we will put it in a
trainer so you can ride.

The volunteer sign-up (board members only) is on fundraiser the website page. Click on highlighted
volunteer sign-up menu To open form click on bottom then type your name under time you are
available and click on save.

Those of you who want to bring can goods please feel free to do so because our members also feel
the Food Pantry is a worthy cause too.


Sponsored in part by Hammer Nutrition, Chomper Body, All natural, high performance sport skin
care products and chamois cream for athletes.

For more information: