Cazenovia Triathlon Results

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August 28, 2016: Results 2016 : Age Group / Over All / Splits

August 23, 2015: Results 2015 : Age Group Awards / Results with Splits

August 10, 2014 : Results 2014

August 11, 2013 : Results 2013

August 12, 2012 : Result 2012

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August 2005 : Athlinks 2005

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August 2003 : [email if you have record of these!]

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Cazenovia Triathlon : Event Details

→ 2017 Cazenovia Triathlon Registration 

This year the event will have:

Sprint Distance (Tri, Aquabike, and Relay)

Intermediate Distance (Tri, Aquabike, and Relay)


ALL RACERS must pick up his or her own race packet & also must present a picture ID and USAT license (if a USAT member) at pick up time.

Relay Teams: Each member must show photo ID (and USAT license) before the team is able to pick up packet. Each team member has to individually go to packet pickup & present picture ID.

Refunds are available until July 1st. Processing fees for initial sign up and USAT fees are non-refundable, there is also 10% refund processing fee. (example: $70 registration cost would refund $63). No refunds will be given due to Acts of God including weather and/or water quality.

Prices for the 2016 Caz Tri are:

12/24 12/25-2/9 2/10-4/19 4/20-6/21  6/22-8/23
Sprint (Tri & Aqua) 55 65 70 80  85
Sprint Relay 80 90 105 115  125
Intermediate (Tri & Aqua) 70 80 85 95  100
Intermediate – Relay 90 100 120 130 140



We’ll do early packet pickup which currently is TBD. Otherwise, packets can be picked up at the park on Race Day morning starting at 6:30 am. Early pickup is preferred.



The Caz Tri will be raced & officiated under USAT rules.

Use of Ipods, MP3 Players or any audio devices of any kind during races is strictly prohibited.



There will be limited parking for participants at Lakeside Park and will be on a first come first serve basis. If parking at Lakeside Park you will not be allowed to leave until 11:00 a.m. All others will be directed to park at the next available location in the following order:

– Cazenovia High School on East Lake Road

– No parking on East Lake Road or Forman street at any time

– Street Parking where legal in the village

Athlete Race Day Details

6:15 – 7:30 Registration Packet Pick up open (bring ID & USAT Card)

6:30 Transition opens.  Body marking begins.

7:30 Athlete meeting at Transition

7:30 Transition area closed to all athletes

7:50 “Count In”. Final reminders at water



11:00 Awards & Post-Race Festivities or when enough results are in



Cazenovia Triathlon : Course Details

Swim –

Wetsuits are allowed up to and including 78 degrees F.

Each race will start in waves depending on age and race distance. Competitors must wear the swim cap that will be supplied at check-in.

Sprint Course: This is a 800m out and back swim.

Intermediate Course: This is a 1500m out and back swim.



Sprint Course: 14miles  Main entrance to the park, and exit the park, turning LEFT.  The first 1/2-mile is flat, followed by a RIGHT turn on Hoffman St. and up a challenging 1/4-mile climb to turn LEFT on Ridge Road.  On Ridge Rd, you will face a gradual climb followed by rolling hills for 5 miles. Quick LEFT will occur after a short but steep downhill grade, then flat to the halfway point.  After turning left on East Lake Rd. the return will be rolling to flat road coming back to the transition area in the park to start the run.


Intermediate Course: 25miles Course closely follows 2 loops of the Sprint course: From the park: left on E. Lake Rd., right on Hoffman Rd, left on Ridge Rd., left on E. Lake, left on Chard Rd. (instead of Hoffman), left on Ridge Rd., left on E. Lake, right into the park.


Maps will be in transition race morning.


Each contestant is responsible for repair/maintenance of his/her bike.  Bike Loft East, Neutral Race Support will be on course but will be helping athletes as they see them and may be a while to come and help you so be prepared to fix most of your mechanical issues.



Run course is an out and back through the village of Cazenovia, one loop for each race distance (not a double loop for the Intermediate 10k). Aid stations will be setup along the run course, with water & GU Energy Products, at the first quarter mile, 1.5 & 2.5 mile mark (approx.). Runners will pass these stations twice for the Intermediate race so you’ll have 6 stations for the Int & 4 for the Sprint.

Sprint Course: 5k

Intermediate Course: 10k

Course Map



2013 Caz Tri – Lakeside Park map – transition and other details

2013 Caz Tri – Swim warm up map 

All courses will be GPS’d and marked on race day. Race day will see volunteers and timing mats or number recorders at turnarounds.