The CNY Tri Club offers three different venues for club members to choose from to train; Jamesville Beach (Tuesday Night) Gillie Lake and Oneida Shores (Wednesday Night).  Practice begins promptly at 6 p.m. and end at 8 p.m.


It is the responsibility of the member to come prepared to any and all CNY Tri club training events: bringing proper hydration (water is not supplied at training sites), nutrition and equipment (helmet, bike pump, repair kit, etc.). Members are responsible for fixing their own flats — sites do not have bike service.



In the event that we do not have enough volunteers for a training sites we will be forced to cancel.


  • During the height of the training season we will get 200 members attending the summer training sessions. When participating in the summer training sessions at Gillie Lake, Oneida Shores or Jamesville, you must sign in before starting and sign out before leaving. This is to ensure everyone is safely off the training course.
  • If you fail to sign-out the event director will call to verify that you are okay and you will be issued a warning.
  • If you fail to sign out a second time you will issued another warning and told that your privileges of using the summer training sessions are in danger of being revoked.
  • If you fail to sign out a third time you will no longer be allowed to participate in any of the summer training sessions. It is the three strikes and you are out rule. We really don’t want to ban anyone from the training sessions so please remember to sign out.
  • All members must be signed out no later than 8 p.m. Watch your time carefully and do what only what time will allow you to do.


  • When signing in you will be “marked” on the hand. This is so volunteers will know who you are in case of an emergency.  Everyone must be signed in and ON THE BEACH by 5:55 p.m., to swim. If you are NOT signed in by 5:55, you will not be allowed to participate in the OWS.
  • You must enter the water by going in-between (not around) the two swim counters.
  • Once you exit the water you not be allowed to re-enter.


  • You must wear a bike helmet, strapped, when riding on the bike course or event area. No exceptions!
  • NO headphones while on the bike.
  • Do not ride abreast – cyclists must be in a single file.
  • NO drafting – cyclists must be at least two bike lengths in front of or behind one other.
  • If passing, you MUST the passing cyclist announce “ON YOUR LEFT” EACH AND EVERY TIME. We don’t care if you say it once or a million times.
  • OBEY all traffic laws AND BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS.  YOU are responsible for your safety.  Bike courses are NOT closed to traffic.
  • Know the course! We have maps available on the CNY Tri Club website.


  • Do not run 3-4 people across. All runners are to be running on the shoulder of the road. Not IN the road. We’ve received numerous complaints about runners taking up the entire road or not moving for cars.  We need to leave a positive lasting impression with the people that live in/around the area.
  • Run facing traffic.
  • No headphones allowed on the course.  No exceptions.