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To see the correspondences sent to the CNY Triathlon Discussion List even before the digest email comes to your inbox: click here!

You must join the list before you can contribute to the discussion.

  • the digest option sends 1 message per day compiling all the messages submitted since the prior day
  • the non digest version sends each message immediatley as submitted by the contributing Club Member, however sometimes you can see them in the archive even before those arrive in your inbox.

To view: Click on Thread in the archive for whichever month you would like to view, note that newer messages are closest to the bottom.

To post: Subscribe to the discussion list / control your options here.
Then once you have registered, in order to post to the discussion list all you have to do is send an email message to

CNY Triathlon Club is on facebook!

You can communicate instantly with other club members, plan impromptu swims, bikes, rides, bricks, adventures, discuss the latest events. To join the CNY Triathlon facebook group you must have a facebook account, then you merely have to click join and upon approval you’re all set.