Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is triathlon?

A. is for awesome.

Q. How do you sign up for the Central NY Triathlon Club?

A. Click over to our Membership page or contact our membership director, or else just ask around at any of our events. See the Club Calendar and come on out!

Q. What can you do for training in Central New York?

A. Tons of stuff! CNY Tri hosts many events which can be found on the Club Calendar. Or check out our Local Training page for lists of group runs, local pools and gyms in the area.

Q. WTF – training in the winter?

A. Bundle up and get out there! There are numerous parks and activities through out the winter to keep fit, but if the cold really isn’t your thing you can check out the Local Training page for lists of local pools and gyms or the CNY Triathlon’s own Winter Training Facility located at Shoppingtown Mall in Dewitt where numerous training sessions & spin classes are held.

Q. What’s up with the discussion list?

A. We have a CNY Triathlon Discussion list that you can subscribe to and keep up to date with club activities and communicate freely with other club members via email. You may subscribe, edit your options or unsubscribe here: .

From there you may enter your information to subscribe, or to unsubscribe / edit options you merely enter your email address under the Edit Options & Get Password heading and click the ‘Edit Options & Get Password’ button to proceed to the next page.

To unsubscribe click ‘unsubscribe’,  then you must confirm your un-subscription by clicking the link which is sent to your email address.

To change your options, enter your password and proceed to the next page to select which options you would like to change.  Save and you’re all set. (If you do not know your password, click remind at the bottom of the page, and your password will be sent to your email.)

Q. I’m lost! The website is confusing and/or broken; who can I report these faulty internets to?

A. You can contact the webmaster by emailing or if you have ideas on how to better the website / communication as a whole you can send your thoughts to .

More helpful Q & A to come!