Bike Leg Courses

Of particular interest to us Triathletes are the bike leg courses we may be competing in during the season.

Here are links to some of the local bike leg courses you may want to ride solo or with a group at different times during the year.

Green Lakes Sprint Triathlon Bike Leg

Iron Girl Sprint Triathlon Bike Leg

Cazenovia Sprint and Intermediate Triathlon Bike Legs

Skinnyman Sprint Triathlon Bike Leg

Ironman 70.3 Syracuse Triathlon Courses Web Page

Ironman 70.3 Syracuse Bike Course Review
Ironman 70.3 Syracuse Bike Leg Turn Directions
Ironman 70.3 Syracuse Detailed Bike Course map
Spectators Coming to Park after 7am
Guidelines for cheering along the courses

For those of you wanting a REAL CHALLENGING HILLY training course, you may want to try the DANTE’S RIDES. They are split into an EAST and WEST course. Club athlete, Dan Wnorowski, has taken up responsibility to build a web page and continually update the courses as more climbing possibilities are found. His training group regularly races in the BUMPS Climb series and he announces group training rides several times a year. Check the web page for details.

Dante’s Ride Web Page

You also may want to consider some of the routes that the OCC has been gracious enough to share with everybody on their web site. Just click on the close ride start locations and check out some of the routes from those points.

OCC Ride Start Locations