Ben Rabin

Name: Ben Rabin

Tell us about yourself.  

I’m an insane person. Self-diagnosed, although my wife is good enough to remind me regularly. I have 4 kids (intentionally), my own business (law firm), and actually enjoy training hard. I have been in the Upstate NY area most of my life, and am happy to have my family here.

How long have you been involved in Triathlon and what made you take it up?

I’ve been doing this for about 4 years. I never really liked running, but then I got suckered into a Tough Mudder, which I enjoyed so much (including the training) that I “let” myself get suckered into a tri (Skinnyman). I LOVED it, and immediately started training to do more and more.


Who is your Hero? 

I have a corny but serious answer: my parents and grandparents. Long story, but each (unknowingly) molded me into who I am, and I continue to think about them when making decisions about how to not ruin my life.

What is your athletic background?

I’ve been involved in SOMETHING athletic my whole life. I was a bad little league baseball player early on. I also spent a year on the Syracuse Chargers swim team not doing well, so switched to not doing well for a year on their running team. By 7th grade I had picked up lacrosse and football, and actually didn’t suck doing those, playing both through high school. Then it was rugby and lacrosse in college and grad school, lacrosse (mostly indoor) and soccer (goalie, mostly indoor) until a few years ago. I also had a 7 year stint as a body builder in the 90s. I gave it ALL up for tri training, though.


What are your Triathlon strengths and weaknesses?

I am an adequate hill climber on the bike and have mediocre swim skills in open water. Otherwise, I’m pretty bad and/or slow at every aspect of Triathlon, with an emphasis on being REALLY bad at saying no to Oreos and beer.


What was your first triathlon and what do you remember most?

Skinnyman. I remember two things. It was FUN. And I was SO SLOW that I knew I had to come back and do it again, but faster!

What is your favorite race and why? 

Well, Caz of course! Because it is ours! Plus it really is a great course, with a fun atmosphere.

What was your worst race and why?  

Geneva 70.3 last year. I was excited and went out too fast. Then I had a flat, and went fast to make up for it. Then I got caught in a thunderstorm, and went fast to pass people who were smart enough to slow down. Then I stopped to help a buddy with a busted chain, and went too fast to make up for that lost time. Then I raced a guy (I had just met) for the last 10 miles on the bike, and again went too fast. So, unsurprisingly, I just completely blew up on the run. The only thing that stopped me from stumbling straight to the aid tent at the end was the ice bath, which I essentially fell into to keep myself from expiring.


What are your goals for this year/in the next 5 years? 

I have one: Ironman Lake Placid!!!

In 5 years I hope to…

Still be alive from Ironman Lake Placid.


Something most people don’t know about you: 

I suck at keeping secrets, or being private, so there is probably not much that is not out there, but in 1992 I burned up a million dollar house on Martha’s Vineyard and I’m pretty sure I’m still not allowed back there. It’s a good story, and I’ll tell it you over a beer…and some Oreos.

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