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July 2015 : issue 76

Published: July 16, 2015 •

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July 2015
From the President
Dear Members,
Happy July!!


Mark your calendars for the biggest event of the summer! CNY Tri Club Picnic/Elections and CNY Tri Kids Race on Sunday, Aug. 16. Picnic is FREE for club members, but guests are more than welcome to attend for $10 per guest. Dinosaur Barbecue will be bringing their pit out again for some yummy grub! Register today —


Many of you might be wondering why we moved the picnic to mid-August. Well, we couldn’t get lifeguards after Aug. 23 and the Caz Triathlon is Aug. 22 (have you signed up yet?). So, that left Aug. 16 and we hope you can make it. Not only should you come out for the free food and fun, but to cheer our mini-triathletes on at the Kids Tri race. These kids are the future of the sport and watching them go out and give it their best is so inspiring.


Club elections will be held in conjunction with the picnic because we get a bigger turnout at the picnic. More details on the elections are included in this newsletter, but you will notice that Ken Geary will be running and stepping in as President for the club. I’ve enjoyed my time with the club and would like to thank all the members and the executive board for their support.


Train hard, train safe.
Bridget Lichtinger


Next Board Meeting: Monday, August 10, 6 p.m., WTF
Annual Picnic and Elections
Sunday, Aug. 16
Jamesville Beach
11:30 a.m. – 2 p.m.


COST: Free for Club Members. $10 per guest.

Registration deadline: Aug. 7


At the picnic there will be a Rabin Law Firm giveaway of a very cool bike camera.


Bike Lawyer Ben Rabin is a dedicated advocate for cyclist safety and would like to give away one VERY cool camera called Fly 6. It is SO COOL. Check it out: Fly 6. This camera/light replaces your existing taillight and records in real-time what happens behind you, so you can ride on worry free. Aggressive drivers would be recorded and when the device senses a crash it will continue recording for another hour then shut off to preserve the data. To win it, all you have to do is come to the picnic! 
Open Water Swims
You MUST be a current member to participate and only 100 spots are available for each swim. Sign-ups will open a few weeks prior to OWS date.


Green Lakes (sprint distance) – wetsuit REQUIRED
Twilight Swim – August 1, 2015, 7pm swim start.


Jamesville Beach (.6, 1.2 or 2.4 miles) Endurance Swim. Participants MUST be able to swim the distance. July 18, 2015, swim starts at 7:30am. Use the Maintenance gate if the main entrance is closed.


Board Elections Set for Aug. 16

We have moved the CNY Triathlon Board Elections to Aug. 16, the same day as the Kids Tri and CNY Tri Club Picnic. This will allow our current membership a more active role in selecting our leaders and the direction of the club in the coming year. On the ballot will be all officer positions and six director positions.


Currently, we have a President, Vice-President and a Treasurer for the ballot, two current directors up for re-election and there is a candidate for director. Still, all 10 of these positions are up for nomination and election by the membership.


If you have any interest in running for office, submit your information or nomination to Participate and keep this club great! An active board comprising enthusiastic members is the only way to retain the activities and events we have, and to create new ones in the future.


Offices                       Candidates

President                   Ken Geary

Vice-President          Tanya Gesek

Treasurer                   Mary Lou Plante

Secretary                   OPEN


Director                      Jill Poirnos

Director                      Steve Plante

Director                      Meredith Andrews

Director                      OPEN

Director                      OPEN

Director                      OPEN

Tri PT by Troy

This featurebrings training and injury prevention advice to Tri Club members. If you have any questions for Troy, please contact the editor at and I will pass them along.


Can You Shoulder the Load? 
Shoulder injuries are a very common and sometimes a chronic problem with triathletes. The repetitive dynamic and static stresses put on the shoulders during training and competing are unique to the three-event sport. The shoulder has no rest time through the entire race. It must have strength, stability, flexibility and stamina. The most common injuries are tendonitis and impingement. Rotator cuff tears, dislocations and traumatic injuries are a whole other topic.
POSTURE, POSTURE, POSTURE!!! Being able to attain and maintain proper posture is the most important key to good shoulder health. Without proper posture, shoulder mechanics break down and injury occurs. Notice I said “proper posture” and not “good posture.” Many times a person’s body awareness is affected and the idea of standing posture is distorted and overcorrected. Proper posture for the shoulder joint in standing and sitting is shoulders in line with ears with head and chest up but not extended. To attain and maintain proper posture you must have good muscular strength, tone and flexibility.
The most common posture issue is rounded shoulders, which have many causes: tight chest, tight biceps, weak shoulder blade muscles, weak spinal muscles and core weakness. It causes a change in shoulder mechanics affecting range of motion and strength that can pinch tendons, bursa and cartilage in the joint. Rounded shoulders also lead to over-stretched, tight and weak muscles, leading to increased stress and tendonitis.
Here are three warmup exercises to help address some of these issues during each event.
Swimming: Large shoulder circles with trunk rotation–stand with belly button pulled in and in proper posture. Extend arms down and spread fingers. Now rotate arms in a large circle one at a time like an exaggerated swim stroke. Maintain proper posture alignment during the exercise. Keep head chest and spine in alignment while rotating trunk. Do three sets, 30 seconds forwards and backwards.
Cycling: Planks on floor or countertop/bench (straight arms or on elbows/bent knee or straight legs)–with belly button pulled in and in proper posture. Maintain proper posture alignment during the exercise. Hold for as long as you can maintain good form. Do 3-5 reps.
Running: Runner’s arm swings (seated or standing)–Sit or stand with belly button pulled in and in proper posture. Bend elbows to ~ 90 degrees and swing arms at a comfortable pace as if running. Keep hands open and relaxed. Maintain proper posture alignment during the exercise. Do 3 sets for 30 seconds each.
So there are some words of wisdom on shoulder injuries and posture. Train hard, train smart and have good body awareness.
Troy Andrews PT, CES
The Athlete Profile will return in August.
Same goes for Coaches’ Corner.

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