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July 2013 : issue 53

Published: July 8, 2013 •

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July 2013 – Issue 53
In This Issue
The Cazenovia Triathlon
CNY Tri Club Annual Summer Picnic
Member Profile
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Board Meeting
Unless otherwise noted, our Board Meetings are held the second Sunday of each month at the Winter Training Facility in Shoppingtown Mall in Dewitt.  Times will vary depending on the time of year.

If you are interested in attending, please contact a board member directly or email the board at executiveboard <at>
We would love to have you participate!

Club Discounts
Advanced Cyclery 


Multisport Physical Therapy


T2 Multisport


Véloved Bicycle Repair Company

Letter from the President 

Dear Fellow Tri Members,

This year the World Triathlon Corporation, also known as The Ironman, has put together a competition for the Tri Clubs across the country.   It is known as the Ironman Triclub Competition and for every club member who participates in an Ironman race we as a club will earn points.  So if you are participating in Ironman Lake Placid; Irongirl; any 70.3 Ironman races; National Championship races or ironkids we will earn points for the club and the overall competition.


For example we had 143 club members participate in the Syracuse 70.3 race as individuals, as relay teams and in Ironkids and because of the points we racked up there we were able to win the Division I championship for that race.  The points we earned there also put us into 7th place overall behind the likes of San Diego, FCA Endurance, Houston, LA, Rocky Mountain and Las Vegas tri clubs.

Here are ways that you can earn points for the club.

  1. You can earn points just by racing Iron Girl races, IRONKIDS fun runs, contributing to the Foundation, volunteering or having relay’s race.
  2. The Top 5 clubs in each Division at the end of the year achieve IRONMAN TriClub Podium status and with that comes lots of goodies e.g. guaranteed entries (50), free 70.3 entries, VIP passes, champion’s patch that can put on your websites and kits, etc.
  3. The top pt. getting club in each Division will be named the 2013 Global TriClub Champion. A special set of goodies goes with this distinguished award
  4. We give bonus points to clubs who race in our regional championships. We have three regional championships left this year: IRONMAN 70.3 Lake Stevens (WA); Maytag IRONMAN 70.3 Steelhead (MI); IRONMAN 70.3 Muskoka (Ontario, Canada).  Please note:  Muskoka also has 100 slots for the 2014 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship.

Besides having the clubs compete against each other the WTC puts on a great social gathering for the clubs at the Ironman races.  As club members we have been invited to the TriClub Social on Friday, July 26th from 3-5 PM at the Lake Placid Convention Center on Main Street.  If you plan to be in Lake Placid that weekend you will find the invitation on our Facebook page to RSVP to attend.  The only requirement to attend is to be a member of the club you do not have to participate in the Ironman.


If you are participating or volunteering up at Lake Placid make sure you register as a CNY Triathlon member.  You can do that at race registration/packet pickup; at the volunteer check-in or at the Social on Friday evening.


Also if you are planning on participating in any other Ironman races i.e Irongirl or 70.3 races this year make sure you register as a CNY Tri Club member.  I think we have it in us to pass the six clubs ahead of us and prove to the world we are the best TRI CLUB AROUND!!!


Happy Training!



PS: Good Luck to our club members who will be participating in the Musselman Triathlon on July 14th!  We are all cheering for you!!

Board Meeting
The June Board of Directors meeting will be held

at 3:00 PM at Winter Training Facility, Shoppingtown, DeWitt

on Sunday, July 14th.

If you are interested in attending, email the board at: executiveboard <at>

The Cazenovia Triathlon

 CNY Triangle Logo

Join us for the most exciting race of the year

In the beautiful Village of

Cazenovia, NY

The CNY Triathlon Club’s

Premier Event


The Cazenovia Triathlon

Sunday, August 11th

8:00 AM Start

Lakeside Park on East Lake Road

The day includes both sprint and Olympic distance courses

Don’t Miss out!

Register today at

CNY Tri Club Annual Summer Picnic
SUNDAY, AUGUST 25, 2013 (rain or shine)8 a.m. – 2 p.m.




There will be giveaways and raffles!


DINOSAUR IS BACK!  They will bringing out the smoker to cook us up some ribs and chicken! YUM!!!!

Members:           $10.00

Guests:                $16.00

Children 16 and under are free!


Mail checks no later than August 16 to: CNY Triathlon Club, PO Box 434, Dewitt NY 13214.


*Adult Tri begins at 8 a.m.

**Kids Tri race begins at 10 a.m.

***Picnic begins at 11 a.m.

Member Profile

Name: Jackie Egle Capella

How long have you been involved in Triathlon and what made you take it up? 

I have been involved in Triathlon for about seven years.  Like many things I do it all started with a dare.  My friends know I am a sucker for a well placed dare.


Who is your hero?

Wow, that is tough.  I know so many people who have overcome huge obstacles in their lives.  There is no way I could pick just one.  Wake up everyday and be thankful, be kind, do the best you can – my definition of a hero.


What is your athletic background?

Mostly skiing, gymnastics and track (I was a sprinter.  I know – seems improbable, right).  But really you name it – my dad and grandfather made sure we experienced as many sports as possible.  I cannot really cook but I can ice skate, fish, horseback ride, throw a baseball, sail….and drive a standard.

What are your Triathlon strengths and weaknesses?

I love to run.  I do not love to bike.  Enough said.

What was your first triathlon and what do you remember most?

My first triathlon was Cazenovia.  I remember standing on the lake shore the night before the race with a friend of mine and saying “This is the stupidest thing I have ever done.”  I have since said that same thing a million times – rock climbing, participating in a fireball eating contest (see dare statement above) and learning to shoot a shotgun come to mind.

What is your favorite race and why? 

My favorite race is the Finger Lakes Tri.  It is a beautiful course and a well run race.

What was your worst race and why?

Great timing on the worst race question.  It has to be this year’s Syracuse 70.3.  The run was a death march.


What races are on your race calendar for 2013?

Behind me are; Columbia Tri, Green Lakes and Syracuse 70.3.

Still in front of me are; Cazenovia, Skinnyman and Finger Lakes.

What are this year’s goals?

This year, like every year, my foremost goal is to have fun.  Ok, who am I kidding… people who know me would call me a liar if I did not include a goal of doing well – I can be a bit competitive.


In five years you hope to … :

In five years I hope to have launched my children (Alex, 19 and Abby, 17) to wonderful, purposeful lives. And then I am buying a really cool sailboat.


Something most people don’t know about you…:

  • I love old school disco music.  And tend to sing it while I am riding.
  • I love to camp in a tent.
  • I have a group of the best friends a person could ask for.  Wait, maybe that does not belong in this category, because if you know any of them then you know that about me.

About the CNY Tri Club
The CNY Triathlon Club is a volunteer organization operated and led by members of the club and supported by its members and sponsors.
CNY Triathlon Club was formed in January 2000 to bring together people in the Central New York area to strengthen and advance the sport of triathlon, promote the educational pursuit of the triathlon and general physical fitness, represent the sport of triathlon within the community, and to publish and disseminate information related to the sport of triathlon.

A Note from the Editor…
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We will provide a free consultation (30 min.) for CNY Tri members.
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CNY Triathlon Club | Box 434 | Dewitt | NY | 13214

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