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June 2012 – Issue 40

Published: June 1, 2012 •

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June 2012 – Issue 40
In This Issue
The Naughty List
Gillie Girl Volunteers Needed
Food Drive at the Wed Night Training Series
Syracuse 70.3 Homestay
Tri Everything
Road Rage
Tip of the Month
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Board Meeting
Our Board Meetings are now held the second Sunday of each month at 3pm. 

Odd Months (January, March …) are held at Cicero (Circle Dr), Panera Bread.

Even Months (February, April …) are held at Dewitt (Erie Blvd), Panera Bread.

If you are interested in attending, please contact a board member directly or email the board at executiveboard <at>

We would love to have you participate!

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2012 Board Members

Bridget Lichtinger, President


Deborah Armstrong, Vice President


Jill Poniros, Treasurer


John Ricker,  Secretary


Deborah Armstrong, Vice President

Volunteer Director


John Austin

Cazenovia Triathlon Co-Director


Mike Gasparek

Jamesville Event Co-Director

Cazenovia Triathlon Co-Director


Stacey Keefe



Dave Knaebel

Equipment Manager


Jim Mirra

Jamesville Event Co-Director


Kristin Mullally

Oneida Shores Event Co-Director


Andy Degati

Oneida Shores Event Co-Director


Rich O’Neil

Race Volunteer Coordinator


Sean Severance

Board Member 


Debbie Sindone 

Newsletter Editor


All members of the Executive Board can be reached at:

Letter from the President 

Dear Fellow CNY Tri Club Members!


Time to get in the water!


Starting Wednesday, June 6th the CNY Tri Club will start open water swimming (OWS).  In the past we have had a free “tri” it night for non-members to come out and see what the club is about before joining.  However, this year, since our club numbers have reached a 1000 we can’t offer a free ‘tri’ night.  This means in order to participate you will have to be a current club member. 


A few things to remember about OWS:
  • Members must be checked-in and ON THE beach by 5:50.  If you aren’t check-in by then you won’t be able to participate.  This will allow the OWS to get started promptly at 6 p.m.
  • Members must be marked.  You will get marked when you check-in.  Swim counters will be checking hands and if you are not marked you will be pulled.
  • We will be doing swim waves; faster swimmers in the front, intermediate in the middle and new/slower swimmers in the back.  This means you may be waiting for a bit to get in the water.  Be patient.  We want everyone to be safe, plus, swim waves is a rule the park insist we follow.
  • Stay calm and focused.  If you feel yourself to panic, flip on your back and do the back stroke or side stroke or call for a life guard to give you a noodle to float with.  Calm yourself. Focus on your form and not the people around you. 
  • The lifeguards are there to help – if you need help, raise your hand high and call for help.  It is okay to ask for help when you need it. Your safety is the most important thing.
  • Have fun! Relax. Stay calm and realize this is practice. 


Thank you to all the volunteers on Wednesday night!  We cannot thank you enough.  It takes a lot to run a club this size, we are volunteers just like you.  It makes our job, (really, Deborah’s) easier (and less stressful) when the volunteer slots are filled for Wednesday night.  To volunteer, email volunteers <at>


We have over NINETY members participating in the Syracuse 70.3 on Sunday, June 24th.    Good luck to all our club athletes! Show them why the CNY Tri club is the most bad*** club in the nation!


Not only are we bad*** we are generous.  A wonderful group of club members have coordinated a food drive to benefit the Food Bank of CNY.  There will be a bin at each site location on Wednesday to drop off items that is needed to help feed local families.  Thank you in advance for your generosity.


I just finished reading Chrissie Wellington’s book “A Life Without Limits.”  She references a poem called “If” by Rudyard Kipling.  Here is a line in the poem that I found to be very powerful —  

“And so hold on when there is nothing in you. Except the Will which says to them: “Hold on!” 


Hold on! Train safe, race hard.


Bridget Lichtinger

Board Meeting

  The June Board of Directors meeting will be held

at 6:00 PM at the Panera in Cicero on Monday, June 18.  


If you are interested in attending, email the board at:

executiveboard <at>

Don’t Get On The Naughty List!
How do you get on the naughty list?  By not signing out on Wednesday night. We will be keeping track of members who forget to sign-out and how many times.

The one rule that we are very strict on is the one about signing out before you leave on Wednesday night.  If you fail to sign-out you will get a phone call to make sure you are okay and have made it off the course.  If you fail to sign out twice, you will get an email from me (madame president) issuing you a warning that if you fail to sign out for a third time your privileges of participating in the Wednesday Night training series will be revoked for the rest of the season.  It is the three strikes you are out rule.

No exceptions!

So. Don’t be naughty.  Sign out!  

Gillie Girl Volunteers Needed


The Gillie Girls Sprint Triathlon is excited about all of the athletes that have registered for this inaugural event.  To date, 260+ athletes have registered with only 325 slots available.  


The Gillie Girl’s Sprint Triathlon will be donating 100% of its net proceeds to the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund.  


This event is slated for Sunday, July 22 at the Veteran’s Memorial Park in Camillus, NY.  This sprint triathlon is a 1/2 mile – double loop swim in Gillie Lake, followed by a flat 14-mile bike and a 3.1 mile run.  


As the race director, I am looking to CNY Triathlon members who would like to be apart of this event.  We have a great day scheduled, with the race starting at 8:30am, family oriented, plenty of kids activities (martial arts demonstrations, bounce houses, slides, etc…), Limp Lizard barbeque, two bands slated, the park re-opening for public swimming post-race and so much more.  We are hoping that we can find fellow triathletes to fill key roles where experienced triathletes would be beneficial, such as in kayaks, on the bike course, at race registration and in transition.  


If you are interested in volunteering please go to and register to volunteer and acknowledge your preference of position on the course.  The registration link is below the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund logo.  Volunteers will get front row seats to the race, a post-race party, free Limp Lizard food, t-shirt donated by the Baldwin Fund and you will be help a great event that is supporting breast cancer research here in our own community.  Of course, we ask all the racers and volunteers to stop out at the Gillie Lake, for the Wednesday night triathlon training events and introduce themselves. If you are interested in participating, please sign up soon so you don’t get closed out.  Thanks for your support.  Questions can be directed to 315.685.6858 or eric.prager <at>
Eric Prager
Gillie Girl’s Race Director


Endurance Monster Lifesports Retail and Performance Center is proud to sponsor the Gillie Girl’s Sprint Triathlon. 



Food Drive at the Wednesday Night Training Series

The CNY Tri Club is not only about making a positive impact within the sport of triathlon, but also to make a positive impact within our communities. Starting Wednesday, May 23rd we will begin the Wednesday Night Food Drive supporting the Food Bank of CNY. 


A wonderful group of club members have offered to make this Food Drive possible and we need members to make it a huge success! Let’s show CNY that we care about our local community. The CNY Tri Club has registered to be a local member for the Food Bank: 


“The core of our work is achieved by partnering with local member programs that distribute food to families in need. The key partners that make up our emergency food network are food pantries, soup kitchens and emergency shelters. Other not-for-profit agencies such as day care centers, rehabilitation centers, senior centers and group homes are able to utilize membership as a way to supplement their agency food needs.” 


At each site will have a bin at the check-in/check-out table for the Food Bank of CNY. Here is the preferred food list: 

  • Canned Tuna 
  • Canned Beans/Legumes 
  • Dried Beans/Legumes 
  • Peanut Butter 
  • Dinner Mixes 
  • Pasta-Rice-Grains 
  • Cereal 
  • Oatmeal 
  • Soups/Stews 
  • Canned/Dried Fruit 
  • Canned Vegetables 

NO Candy/Soda (no nutritional value) 



Syracuse 70.3 Homestay



Is everyone getting excited about the upcoming Syracuse 70.3? 


We have some of the top professional triathletes from around the world coming to race. The field includes podium finishers at the 2011 Ironman World Championship in Kona, Xterra World Champions, some local favorites, and some very, very fast pros. 


For those racing, it will be great to be on the course with these athletes. For the rest of us – it will be a lot of fun to watch!!! Some of these professionals are looking for places to stay through the World Triathlon Corporation’s Homestay Program. 


What is the Homestay Program?

  • The Homestay program offers rooms in local private homes for professional athletes. 
  • Providing Homestays to professional athletes allows foreign athletes to experience the local culture and allows them to have a “home” atmosphere during their travels. 


Volunteers for the Homestay program will have the following responsibilities: 

  • Agree to host professional athlete. 
  • Coordinate with Homestay captain (Tim Taber) and athlete to determine athlete’s needs. 
  • Outside of a place to stay, nothing out of the ordinary is required of Homestay hosts. Athletes know this is a privilege and are typically very appreciative. 
  • Respect athlete’s ability to focus on their upcoming race. While most athletes will welcome the chance to get to know a Homestay family and interact, there might be cases where an athlete is very focused on their upcoming race and might prefer to remain to themselves. Please respect this request for privacy when necessary. 


If you are interested, please email Tim and he can send you more information. Also, if you cannot host but would still like to volunteer, there are some other opportunities to help these professionals including: 

  • Assisting with transportation (to and from airport, to race, etc.) 
  • Familiarizing them with the course. Several athletes have asked to either ride or drive the course a few days before the race. 


If you can offer any assistance in any of these aspects, please email Tim at timtaber <at> Please let him know if you have any questions.

Tri Everything



One night only, join CNY Triathletes from all experience levels to explore the world of triathlon.  Whether you’re curious about triathlons, new to the sport or have already conquered Ironman, this event will be fun for all!


On Monday, June 4th at 7:30 p.m. Fleet Feet Syracuse will host “Tri-Everything” Night presented by Zoot Sports. “Tri Everything” Night will feature a variety of different interactive stations that focus on transition, nutrition, recovery, wetsuits, apparel, bike maintenance, and more!  Experts in the field will be present to discuss anything and everything Tri and answer questions! 


There will be a handful of raffle prizes to win including a Zoot wetsuit, Zoot tri outfit, an hour-long ride with USAC certified, level 1 Cycling Coach Helene Schmid and a free bike tune up from iFixBikes. There will be plenty of deals throughout the store on the latest triathlon gear and sample products will be available for everyone in attendance.


To RSVP, visit

Road Rage




Some people drive angry.  Some people normally do not, but get angry after certain experiences.  Some people never get mad while driving.  As runners and bicyclists, we need to worry about the first two categories. 


There are things that we can do to protect ourselves and others on the road.  For example, when a car behaves badly, we need to know our rights.  Some of the good NYS laws are on the CNY Tri website already, and you should familiarize yourself with them so that you can have a valid and legally supported conversation with anybody who thinks you do not have a right to ride on the road.  But let’s face it – that opportunity is rare. 


So, when the offensive driver does not stop or refuses to coherently and patiently talk to you, it is important that we get the identity of that car, including make, model, color and license plate if possible.  If we can identify repeat offenders, it makes prosecuting them both criminally and civilly much easier for any future wrong-doing committed by that car. 


Finally, from a safety stand point, do whatever you can to avoid being hit.  I know this sounds silly, but being struck while you are riding or running in the legally correct spot still sucks.  It may not be fair, but it hurts a lot less to go on to the shoulder or even a lawn to avoid being hit by a big heavy car.


We also need to make sure that we do not create the second category of driver.  We must remember that our actions influence how drivers respond to other bicyclists and runners in the future.  It is illegal to ride abreast with another bicyclist if a car is approaching from behind.  It is illegal to ride a bicycle on any road unless you are as far to the right as practicable.  It is also simply a bad idea to not stay as far right as possible, because if an accident occurs, and you were not paying attention to the laws or your responsibilities, then the blame for the accident may be shifted in whole or in part from the car to you. 


But the biggest reason to behave?  Angering drivers may have an effect on one of our friends or family members down the road.  If you influence somebody in a vehicle so that they now are angry at bicyclists, or have decided that bicyclists are rude and inconsiderate, they may drive differently around us in the future, which could (accidentally or intentionally) result in one of us getting smooshed.  My experience, after practicing personal injury law for over fifteen years, is this:  Getting smooshed by a car sucks. 


Finally, for those of you that missed the orientation classes about insurance, it is imperative that you review with your insurance agent all of your policies to make sure that if something bad does happen on the road while you are a bicyclist or pedestrian, that you have the appropriate coverage to take care of your medical expenses, any lost wages that you may sustain as a result of missing work, and other damages that can result from an auto accident. 


If anyone has any questions about the laws, both criminal or civil, or any other legal issues relating to bicycling and running on the roadways, please feel free to call me or email me anytime and I will gladly, free of charge, spend as much time as you would like talking about how we can protect ourselves.   


Ben Rabin

 The Rabin Law Firm, LLC

(315) 448-BIKE (2453)

brabin <at> 

Tip of the Month





Do you have problems putting on your biking shoes on after the swim and then running shoes after biking? Use a shoe horn instead of your finger and they will slip right on.


Thanks to Jim Mirra for offering that helpful hint!


Do you have a helpful tip or trick that you want your fellow CNY Tri members to know?  Email your ideas to newsletter <at> and we may use your idea in an upcoming issue.  

CNY Tri on the Podium!



Candace Searing

Du the Lakes

Green Lakes

1st in Age Group (50-54)



Randy Hadzor

Du the Lakes

Green Lakes

3rd Overall





Tour de Syracuse Road Race

Cat 3

1st Overall


Member Profile

Name:  Chris DeBottis

Tell us about yourself.  

I was born and raised in Camillus and have lived in Marcellus since 1993.  I am married and my husband Mike is my best friend and number one supporter.  We live with two dogs and four cats just outside the village which makes it very convenient to just walk out the door and go x-c skiing, fishing, hiking, running and biking – all without having to drive somewhere.  In June of 2010, we figuratively cut the TV cord when the signal went from analog to digital, and I can say that I really don’t miss it because I find time to do other things. When I am not home, I can either be found at the local library or the gym. 



Besides swimming, biking, and running, I like to x-c ski, snowshoe, and hike.  I worked in the Telecom industry in the accounting/finance department since 1999 and have been fortunate to work for two small local companies, the first of which went bankrupt in 2008.  I couldn’t have picked better people to work for and feel fortunate that I love what I do.


How long have you been involved in Triathlon and what made you take it up?  

I am a newbie and decided to give triathlon a try in 2010 when I registered for my first event, Iron Girl.  I am not one who likes to go outside of my comfort zone, but in recent years I have tried to push my limits.  In September of 2004, I took a big step out of my comfort zone to hike and camp at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  I had to overcome my anxiety of flying, leaving my animals in the care of others and face my fear of heights while hiking down the Kaibab trail.  Hiking the canyon was something I never dreamed I would ever be able to physically do, and it was an experience that would help me physically and psychologically in the coming months. 

Less than 6 weeks after my Grand Canyon hike, a co-worker spotted a lump on my neck. A few weeks later, I was undergoing tests for not just one lump, but three.  I had cysts in three different areas of my body; I would spend the next month undergoing diagnostic tests to determine if the cysts were benign or malignant. I went to all of my appointments alone. To keep my nerves from overwhelming me when I was lying on the table being scanned, I brought myself back to the canyon and all that it meant to me.  Nine days before Christmas, I got the preliminary diagnosis of Papillary thyroid cancer and on Jan 10th 2005 I had surgery.  I knew that hiking the canyon had been part of the grand plan all along in that it helped me to believe in myself.  So began the journey that brought me to where I am today.



Who is your Hero? 

Anyone who has faced adversity in their life and has made a difference in the world is a hero in my eyes.  Tragedy struck me when my dad was diagnosed with colon cancer in 1976. He died two years later when I was twenty-one.  I know first hand how life-changing events can make or break an individual and/or their family.  In 2005 I attended the Marcellus Relay For Life event in Marcellus Park and had the opportunity to meet a real hero, Dick Schaffer of Skaneateles.  When I met Dick, he was preparing to ride cross-country with Lance Armstrong on the Bristol-Myers Tour of Hope team.  Dick had been diagnosed with esophageal cancer and spent many months away from his home and family while he was receiving treatment at MD Anderson Hospital.  Dick had been an avid triathlete and was one of those individuals whom everybody loved.  He completed the cross-country bike ride, but sadly his cancer returned and he lost the hardest battle he ever faced.  He touched my life more than anyone I have ever met, and even today, I get teary eyed when I think of what an incredible individual he was and how many lives he touched. 

My second hero is Michael McBride, he was the son of my former co-worker Aimee.  Michael was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor on Jan 19, 2010 at the very young age of four and endured more than any individual should ever have to go through in a lifetime.  Sadly on June 13th 2011, Michael earned his angel wings at home with the family he loved so much and his beloved dog Bo.  As we approach the first year of Michael’s passing, I reflect on how unfair life can be and on the pain and suffering his mom, dad and brother face each day with his loss.  When I find myself feeling like I cannot go on I think of Michael and the courage and strength he possessed in the short time he had here on Earth. His memory gives me the strength to carry on.


What is your athletic background?

I have absolutely no athletic background and in fact just the opposite.  My father was a graduate of Syracuse University and was one of their best boxers when the university had a boxing team.  My dad’s brother was a renowned athlete at North High and my maternal grandfather was a semi-professional baseball player, but I did not inherit any of their athleticism. 


Growing up in the 60’s taking gym class was not an activity that I looked forward to.  The girls were required to wear hideous one-piece outfits and there was never a size small enough to fit me.  When it came time to choose team,s I was always the second to the last one to be picked, and rightfully so.   We were required to take the president’s physical fitness test and I flunked every single time.  Looking back, if there had been someone with a hand outstretched willing to help me I would have grasped wholeheartedly but there wasn’t. 

Once I was out of school I played city rec softball and volleyball for many years and enjoyed mountain biking and off road motorcycle riding, but that was about the extent of my athletic abilities.


What are your Triathlon strengths and weaknesses?

I don’t consider myself strong in any of one of the legs of a triathlon.  Since I have to choose one, I would say my swimming in open water is the one that I struggle with the most.  I am fine swimming in a pool and I enjoy swimming because it is the one sport that I find gives me physical and emotional peace.  Get me in the open water and it’s like I forget how to swim.  When I first started open water swimming, I attended the CNY Tri Wednesday night training at Oneida Shores.  Kristin and Andy were my best supporters and offered advice when I asked, which was quite often.  Each week as I exited the water I would ask, “what was my time” and every week I made up time from the prior week. By the time the season ended, I was comfortable and made a great improvement since my first week in the water. 

Now as we approach the first open water swim at Gillie Lake, I know I will be challenged again as I enter the water for the first time, hope that I can get into a relaxed state, and remember what comes natural to me in the pool.


What was your first triathlon and what do you remember most? 

Iron Girl 2010 was my first race. As a novice, this was a great choice because it was relatively easy.  I would not have been able to complete Iron Girl had it not been for the CNY Tri and the Wednesday night training series.  Kristin and Andy were so instrumental in building my confidence and helping me along the way, along with the other participants.  My biggest obstacle is one of the most important ones, that of nutrition.  I am not hungry first thing in the morning, so I did my best to get up early enough have some coffee, Greek yogurt, strawberries and a banana. 


I was in the first wave. Even though there were women walking faster than I was swimming, I stayed the course and swam the whole leg.  I rode my husband’s 1980’s Specialized Sequoia touring bike, which was heavy and way too big for me.  I finished the bike ride in just about an hour. I had set a goal of 2:00 – 2:15 and as I looked at my watch halfway into the run, I knew I had a shot at 2 hours. I finished in just less than 2 hours, so I was very pleased. 


What I remember most about this race was after the ceremonies and many of the participants and spectators had left, I heard the announcer call out that there was one more finisher coming in.  We all ran to the finish chute to see an individual come in long after everyone else had finished, but you would never know it by the roar of the crowd and the smile on her face.  That is the memory that I take from my first race and one I will never forget.


What is your favorite race and why? 

Skinneyman was my favorite race for many reasons, one being that it is so close to home for me.  What is not to like about Skaneateles Lake? It is one of the finest jewels in Central NY.  In the summer of 2010, being a member of the Skaneateles Community Center, I was able to swim in the public swim area as a member. I would spend about three days a week swimming there just to get the practice and to feel more comfortable.  There were some Friday nights when there was nowhere I would rather be than in the calm water watching the sunset.  I first rode the Skinneyman course with Kristen and Andy on a group ride, and it ended up just being the three of us.  Andy was great in staying back with me. He also helped me learn when and how to shift gears to my best advantage.

The race was very well organized and it was only my second race, and just a few weeks after Iron Girl.  I chose to go off in the novice wave and thought it was great to see the scuba divers out there under the buoys making sure everyone was safe.  The ride and the run were uneventful. I finished a little longer than I had hoped for but I was happy and enjoyed every minute of it.  The best part was all the wonderful food at the end and seeing all my friends who had finished before me.


What was your worst race and why?   

After Iron Girl and Skinneyman I decided to do DeRuyter Lake at the end of September.  I don’t know what I was thinking, because I really was not prepared.  It was a beautiful, sunny and relatively warm morning. I tried to get some food down, but the most I could manage was some coffee and yogurt.  When it came time to sign in I was assigned my number of 13!  I tried to slough it off and not feel a little unnerved. 


Got my wetsuit on and got in the water and it did not feel bad for late September, 70 degrees.  But when my wave started and I put my face in the water, I could not get over how cold it felt and no matter how I tried, I could not get my breathing under control.  So I did most of the swim on my back and on my side, and it took me forever. 


When I came out of the water I was disoriented, dizzy, and wondered how I was ever going to ride.  I took my time transitioning , ate a banana, hopped on the bike and hoped for the best.  The bike portion is a two-loop ride around the lake. The road had been recently tarred and stoned near the start/finish line.  I completed the first loop and was about a third of the way on the second loop when my rear tire flatted.  I thought about fixing it for about 60 seconds and decided I had enough and was walking my bike back, when someone who already finished stopped to ask if I was okay. 


He prepared to fix my flat. When we tried to put on the spare tube, he realized it would not fit.  The tube I had was a replacement for my husband’s Specialized and the valve stem was too short for my new bike.  He took a tube out of his bag and had me back together quicker than you could blink an eye.  I asked his name and he said he was Jeremy and that at least now I had a chance to finish. 


I was the last one off the bike and being a slow runner there was no way I could catch up to the individuals ahead of me.  But finish I did, in last place, to the cheers and support of the spectators, including Kristin and Andy who had been there for me from the beginning.  I looked around at the end to see if I could spot Jeremy and let him know I did finish, but he was nowhere to be found. 


Fast forward a few months to an event at Syracuse Bicycle when I was talking to Ginny Burton. I told her of my DeRuyter Lake experience, and how I was able to finish because of an individual named Jeremy.  Well Jeremy turned out to be Ginny Burton’s son, and I was able to finally thank him in person that night for his generosity.


What are this year’s goals?  

My goals this year are pretty simple and straightforward, recover!  In the fall and winter of 2010, I suffered from Achilles issues and had to take a few months off to heal, so in April of 2011 I was excited to get back on track and train.  One of my goals was to become a better runner, so in May 2011 I joined Kevin Collin’s Y running group.  Within just a matter of four or five weeks I had my fastest 5K at Paige’s Butterfly Run and was excited! I was finally seeing my hard work pay off. 


During that time I had an injury that I thought was a quad strain but in the months to come I would realize it was far more serious.  On June 26th of last year I felt good and went out for an 18-mile bike ride followed by a 20 minute run and felt great, no pain at all.  All that changed by the morning when I could not put any pressure on my right leg.  My PT suggested I may have a stress fracture in my femur and so began the emotional rollercoaster of the months to follow.  In mid Aug an MRI confirmed that I had a femoral stress fracture.  I was handed crutches and told I could not do anything for two months, and by the end of December, I should be able to resume running. 


December turned into January and then February, and I still had pain.  The only thing I could do was walk. I was told, “to walk the hell out of it” 5 days a week for 45 minutes at a time.  So all through the fall, winter, and spring that is what I did.  Back in May, I signed up for Wineglass Half Marathon which was Oct 2nd.  I decided to see if I could walk it and worst case scenario, would quit if my leg bothered me.  I am happy to say I crossed that finish line in just over 3 hr. 10 min and felt on top of the world!   



Whenever I tried to progress to the next steps of aqua jogging and the elliptical machine, the pain intensified and I would be set back a few weeks.  But at least I could still swim, that was until Thanksgiving when I developed rotator cuff and shoulder blade issues.  That is when the tears welled up and I started to feel sorry for myself.  But it only lasted a brief few minutes when I realized that this was not about feeling weak and helpless, but about overcoming the obstacles. 


This has and never was about the physical pain but rather the mental, emotional and psychological aspect of injury and recovery.  I could take what I have learned from this experience and can apply it to whatever difficulties I may face on the road ahead.  So triathlon is not just about the days you train and race, but it is also about applying what you have learned about yourself and others and put to use in everyday life situations. 

I am glad to say I started a couch to 5K program, and on March 31, I ran for the first time since June 2011!  It is a long process because I need two rest days between my run days. My femur needs to get acclimated to the stress of running and time to heal.  I will be walking/running Paige’s Butterfly Run and the following weekend I will be walking/running the Lake Placid Half Marathon.  And the best part – I am able to participate in the CNY Tri Wed night training series by doing either a bike ride or a run! I am so excited to be training at the newest location Gillie Lake!  Thanks to everyone who has supported and encouraged me through this past year!  It means more than my words can express!


In five years you hope to … 

Hard for me to believe that in five years I will be in another age group (60-64), and that as each year passes, I am going to need to keep moving more than ever.  Since this past year’s injuries and my cancer diagnosis in 2004, I have learned not look too far ahead, but to rather enjoy where I am today and hope that, God willing, whatever age related ailments may befall me, that I am still able to enjoy the things I love so much, and that I will still have the strength, stubbornness, and determination to propel myself forward whether I am walking, biking, swimming, xc skiing or snowshoeing.


Something most people don’t know about you:  

My previous profession was a draftsman before the days of CAD.  I worked for a tool designer in Skaneateles who designed plastic injection molds.  My job was to draw the injection molds that produced parts for Kodak, IBM, Avon and others.  Some of the items that we worked on were an Avon brush and a gun and ammo box for the GI Joe action figure.

About the CNY Tri Club

The CNY Triathlon Club is a volunteer organization operated and led by members of the club and supported by its members and sponsors.

CNY Triathlon Club was formed in January 2000 to bring together people in the Central New York area to strengthen and advance the sport of triathlon, promote the educational pursuit of the triathlon and general physical fitness, represent the sport of triathlon within the community, and to publish and disseminate information related to the sport of triathlon.

A Note from the Editor…

If any club member would like to contribute to our newsletter or help in editing and arranging it each month, contact me at newsletter <at>  


Debbie Sindone
Publisher & Editor
CNY Triathlon Club, Inc.

P.O. Box 434
Dewitt, New York 13214

T2 Multisport
Manlius, NY

CNY Tri Members can get $25 off any of our group training programs (70.3, summer olympic/sprint). We will also provide a free season planner consultation (30 min.) for CNY Tri members.
Multisport Physical Therapy
Liverpool, NY
National Aquatics
Erie Boulevard, Syracuse                 
Syracuse Bicycle
Erie Boulevard, Syracuse               
The Bikery
Baldwinsville, NY                              
The Bike Loft
South Bay Road, North Syracuse 
Finger Lakes Running & Triathlon Co.
215 E. State St, Ithaca, NY

All CNY Triathlon Club members will receive $50 off of wetsuits and 10% off of all triathlon, swimming, cycling and nutritional products plus discounted bike fits.
3 Treasures Theraputic Massage


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