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August 2011 : Issue 30

Published: August 2, 2011 •

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August 2011 – Issue 30
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Cazenovia Tri
CNY Tri Kids Club
Summer Trashman
Open Water Swims!
Help Needed!
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Slot Holders
Courtesy Pays Back
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Our Board Meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month.  If you are interested in attending, please contact a board member directly or email the board at to find out the time and location.  We would love to have you participate!
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Tom Stern

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John Evans

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Mary Jo Galletta

Jim Mirra

Kristin Mullally
Rich O’Neil

Bill Street

Amie Thomas
Newsletter Editor

All members of the Executive Officers and Board of Director’s can be reached at:
Letter from the President

Hi all,

What a busy month we’ve had, and it’s just going to get busier! Our 2nd open water swim was a huge success! More than 70 swimmers entered the water sans wetsuit, and all of you completed the course! Congrats to all of you. Ironman Lake Placid was the following day. Congrats to all you club members who completed that race. We had numerous club members who placed top 100! That’s fantastic!

Just this past Wednesday, 300 swimmers entered the water at Oneida Shores. This sport is growing really fast, and we’re probably the fastest growing club in the country. Way to go. Here’s why I think our club is gaining so much in popularity. We have really nice people for club mates. We are supportive and offer lots of encouragement for those brand new to the sport. We have numerous age group elites. We offer gobs of programs to our members. And, we stay in nearly constant communication through the website, the listserv, and our newsletter.

Here’s a request to you really fast cyclists. I know it’s tough when the course is so crowded, but please try to give a shout out “on your left” as you pass slower cyclists. When you suddenly come upon them, they get startled, and they just might veer to their left and take out your front wheel. You go down, and that would be your fault. So, please give them a little warning. I rode the OS course a few weeks ago, and I was hoarse when I finished the bike. But those other cyclists appreciated the early warnings. And nobody should be riding side by side.

Remember to save 8/27 for the final 1.2 mile open water swim. As before, plan to enter the water at 8:30. I’ll be looking for volunteers for that day. The Onondaga Cycling Club will also be at Jamesville that day offering a preview to next season’s gran fondo, or will it be titled FUNdo? Anyway, various ride distances will be offered, and a post ride picnic will be catered by Bella Domani. Details will be posted soon, so take advantage of that opportunity. You need not be an OCC member to participate. One of the rides will be the 70.2 course.

The following day 8/28, is our club picnic! We’ll post details about that real soon too, but the menu is looking fantastic! I don’t know about you, but the highlight of the picnic is the annual kids race! Kristen and Mary Jo have been working hard with a group of about 40 kids this season. What a fantastic program we’re able to offer. We are training a new generation to get off their hind ends playing XBOX and Playstation and getting them to move around.

As you can see, we are transforming Central New York and it’s becoming the fit, active, and healthy community that I envisioned. We will become the fittest and healthiest region in the country. That’s why people will move here. I say we take over the failed Destiny USA structure and make that the WTF! Now that would be a draw!

Did you see the article on the front page of Post Standard sports section on Friday? Nice pic of our club at Oneida Shores with lots of info about Joe Thiel. If you don’t know, Joe Friel is a famous triathlete and coach. Must be something about names ending in iel…

Good luck to all of you Irongirlers, especially you first timers! What a sense of accomplishment you will feel when you’re finished. Following that is our club race, the Cazenovia Triathlon! This is, by far, the best run race in the area thanks to John Austin, his committee, and the volunteers from our club. Please, respond to the pleas for your time, especially if you are not racing. This is our club’s race. Let’s help to keep this race the premier event that it is.

Before you know it, the starting gun for the 2nd Syracuse Ironman 70.3 race will be heard! It’s hard to believe that the first one was a whole year ago now. Where did the time go? If you don’t intend to race, again, we can use as many volunteers as we can muster up. Come out and donate your time; you’ll be rewarded with lots of fun – I promise! And, the club reaps rewards too, and just back into programs for our members.

Train hard!


Board Meeting
The August Board of Directors meeting will be held Tuesday August 9th. If you are interested in attending, email the board at: for details on time and place!
2011 Cazenovia Triathlon

Registration for the 11th Annual Cazenovia Triathlon has closed with 600 athletes entered.

This year’s Packet Pick Up will be at 3 sites: Thursday & Friday at Fleet Feet on Bridge St., Saturday at Syracuse & Sunday in Lakeside Park.

Through 10 versions of the Caz Tri, you members of CNY Triathlon Club in producing the Caz Tri have contributed over $20,000 to charity and hosted over 4,000 triathletes – veterans & first timers alike.

Those are impressive numbers for a “local race”. But while it may sound sizable, Caz Tri manages to run a race with reasonable swim wave sizes, lots of transition elbow room, roads that have room to pass other cyclists, & plenty of amenities to all racers be they front of the pack or first timers all at very reasonable entry fees.

That happens through the efforts of the 150+ volunteers, many who are triathletes (and fellow CNY Tri members!) who forsook racing that day to work at the race. Take a moment to thank them race day, they’ll appreciate it.

If you entered the Caz Tri, you’ll be receiving race week & race day specific info via email in the week running up to the race. Details will also be at

If you’re interested in volunteering, we can always put you to good use, contact

Also, this Wednesday August 3rd at Jamesville Beach it’s PIzza Night! We’ll be stuffing Caz Tri packet pickup bags starting at 4:15 and we’ll finish in plenty of time to do the Wednesday night mini tri. As is tradition, that evening’s workout is followed by pizza in the park from Robbie T’s Pizza! So if you can get to Jamesville by 4:15 next Wednesday we’d appreciate your help. If we get 15 helpers we generally finish by 5:30.

CNY Tri Kids Club
Kids Tri

The Kids Tri Club has really exploded this summer.  We have had 40 plus kids participating in mini-triathlons the past two weeks.  It is amazing to see how quickly they have picked up these skills.

The Kids Tri Club takes place at Green Lakes State Park on Monday nights at 7:15pm.  Kids between the ages of 7-12 can come and learn the basics of a Triathlon.

We will be meeting again on August 1st, August 15th, and our end of the season RACE will be held at Jamesville Beach on August 28th.  Our number one goal is for the kids to have FUN!!! So grab your kids and have them particpate in the newest club in CNY for kids.  If you are interested or want more information contact:

Mary Jo Galletta or

Kristen Roe

Summer Trashman – August 26th!

As you know, our club has become an official Onondaga County Adopt a Roadway Trashmanprogram participant. We have taken on the responsibility of cleaning up a one mile section of Apulia Road near Jamesville Beach on a twice a year basis. We had a very successful clean up in April, and we will be doing it again on Friday evening, August 26th at 6PM.

Gather at Gate 2 of Jamesville Beach (just south of the main park entrance). Bring old shoes and clothes (long pants preferred) and work gloves and we will get down and dirty with the trash for one hour. We won’t be holding any formal bike ride or run after that, but feel free to run or ride on your own before or after that.

Saturday, August 27th will be our last Jamesville Beach open water swim of the year. If you haven’t earned your free entry into the open water swim, trash picking on Friday will earn you a free swim on Saturday.

It would be great to see many of you there. The Syracuse Ironman 70.3 is only three weeks after that, so it would nice if the out of town athletes see the part of the course we are responsible for in the best possible light.

Open Water Swim!

Open Water Swim

Our final open water swim at Jamesville Beachwill be on Saturday August 27th, we’ll be setting up the 1.2 mile long swim from the Syracuse 70.3 course.

The cost is $5.   Check in is at 8, swim starts at 9. We will be limiting the number of swimmers to 100.

Help Needed!


We have had a few of the Club’s Board members that have given great work for our group but their current schedule has necessitated some changes. And we are also finding some parts of our web site need to be updated more regularly and the current board already has their hands full. So please respond to the executive board if you could take on some responsibility for the Club. Some positions we are looking at filling:

Treasurer: Needs experience in managing a bank account including making deposits with time to coordinate with other Board members for expense reimbursement and tracking.

Membership Director: I am looking to take over the Newsletter editor, so I need someone to fill my current position. Coordinate with to download membership data at least weekly for web site and training series directors. Handle special cases of membership data input changes.

If no takers on Membership then Newsletter Editor: Compile articles for monthly email newsletter using Constant Contact. Update membership email list from database download by Membership Director.

Photo Coordinator for the Web site: Compile and post photos on the Club’s web site from Club members taken at various venues throughout the year..

Race Schedule Coordinator for the Web Site: Update Race Schedule and links to results on the web site throughout the season.

Thanks for your Help!

Coaching Corner

Q: “I need a basic program to get started, but am unsure how to put it together, any suggestions?” – Lorie

A: How new you are to this sport (or the individual disciplines of the sport), will dictate how you should begin training. It can be overwhelming trying to figure how to organize life, work and training, so my suggestion is to keep it simple.

For those who are new to the three disciplines or just looking to participate and have fun with this sport, a three day rotation is a good way to start. Swim on Monday, bike on Tuesday and run on Wednesday. Follow this with a day off on Thursday. Come Friday and Saturday, mix the disciplines up so that one of those two days you perform two (2) activities with the third discipline by itself on the opposing day (e.g. Swim Friday, bike/run Saturday or run Friday and swim/bike Saturday). This enables you to participate in all three activities twice per week. Take Sunday off and start fresh on Monday.

Those seeking a more rigorous program can try increasing the frequency of each event to three times per week. Select a few days to do double workouts (morning and evening) or brick workouts (bike/run in consecutive fashion). Clearly trying to fit nine (9) workouts or events per week can be difficult. Often individuals will find a happy medium somewhere between this program and the initial workout option outlined above.

If you choose the nine (9), ensure that a day off is still built into the program. An example of this might be, Swim and run Monday, bike Tuesday, swim and bike Wednesday, Off Thursday, run Friday, swim Saturday, and bike and run Sunday. A different layout the following week will keep things fresh and allow for a day off Monday or Tuesday. Perhaps a program where more events are built into the weekend is more realistic. If so, make a few mild adjustments to this program.

The more serious you are about the sport, the more complicated training can get. The sport of triathlon is a lifestyle, make sure your training fits the life you desire. Take a day and do all three events. Find two other days and pair two workout in the same day…this format puts seven of the nine workouts into three days. Make these mixed workouts shorter and go out for longer individual workouts on opposing days. Offset short/fast tempo multi-sport workouts with slower/longer individual event workouts. This will allow you to become fast and efficient. Keep the body guessing and mix things up.

Remember that recovery is an essential part of programming. Over-training or a fast ramp-up in either volume or effort is a guaranteed disaster. Listen to your body as much or more than you listen to what’s on paper. Failure to listen to your body is a sure way to take two steps back. Per designing a workout, ‘there are a million ways to skin a cat’ (don’t mean that literally, love my cat Taco!). So the only bad program is one that does not achieve results. That being said, a program that works for you this year might not necessarily work for you next year. That might be when you choose to consult a USA Triathlon Coach for assistance!

Eric Prager, Exercise Physiologist, National Strength and Conditioning Coach, Level 2 USA Triathlon Coach. Eric Prager and Karen Allen Turner are co-owners of Engineered Triathletes and partners in Endurance Monster: Retail and Performance Center, Skaneateles, NY. Ask a question? Email to

Member Profile

August 2011 CNY Triathlon Club-Member Profile 2011-08 Member Crisp1

Name: Jennifer Crisp

Tell us about yourself.

I grew up in Liverpool, NY and then left for New York City to attend college and law school. After school, I lived & worked in Seattle for a year before making it back to the ‘cuse in 1997. I’m 41, married, and my husband is a full-time musician with Los Blancos.    I have worked as in-house counsel, in government, in non-profits, and as an adjunct faculty member. I enjoy working in academia and have been in that setting since 2002 when I began my employment at Syracuse University in the Career Services Office at the Law School. Since 2007 I have worked in the office responsible for patenting the science and technology advances of SU faculty and staff. Despite my law degree, I have never argued in court. Actually, that makes me like most other U.S. lawyers.

How long have you been involved in Triathlon and what made you take it up?

I am a tri-newbie, having started in May 2011 with my Fleet Feet Try to Tri training program (and I can’t say enough good things about the program or the coaches.) I chose to take up triathlon for the health and fitness benefits (also known as a way to get myself off of the couch & fit into my smaller clothes!) Many other factors contributed to me choosing triathlon as my means to the end: seeing a few friends do their first tri last year & then rave about it; recognizing the camaraderie that is synonymous with the CNY Tri community; working with fellow SU employees who are triathletes; and the list goes on.   I recently found a post it note from 1998 or so with a list of things I really ought to do/try/think about… and one thing was still relevant: Triathlon. Apparently a seed was planted long ago, and now the time is just right for it.

Who is your Hero?

No one person, but in general I admire and respect individuals who overcome adversity or who advocate for those in need.

What is your athletic background?

With triathlon I hope to turn over a new leaf and leave my on-again-off-again-exercising -habit in the past. I rowed crew for 2 years; one in high school (in the Freshman boat) and one in college. I loved the sport and the feel of a boat full of skilled rowers keeping the 2011-08 Member Crisp2rhythm and balance/keel of the boat.   Training for the Iron Girl has made me feel strong and fit again like I did when I rowed. Last summer I took up spin and those classes gave me a confidence with my fitness on the spin bike, and I figured I could translate that into real cycling.  In one particular class, the instructor proclaimed “if you can do this class then you can do Iron Girl.” That was one of the many dominos that fell leading me down this path.

What are your Triathlon strengths and weaknesses?

I am most consistently confident on the bike, and my weakness is the run.   That said, this year is the first time I have ever run for 40 minutes straight (and that number is still increasing!). It’s wonderful to be able to do that, even if it is at a slow and steady pace.

What was your first triathlon and what do you remember most?

My first triathlon is coming up in just under 2 weeks as I write this: the Iron Girl.

What is your favorite race and why?

TBD!  I attended Iron Girl in 2010 and this year I was a spectator at Green Lakes. I plan to volunteer for the 70.3 tri in September with SU’s Young Professionals Affinity Group.

What was your worst race and why?

Not applicable.

What are this year’s goals?

My goal is to finish the Iron Girl, and to be the most “under time” in the cycle leg, then the swim.

In five years you hope to … :

Keep making healthy choices, day by day, week by week, year by year, in all2011-08 Member Crisp3 aspects of my life.

Something most people don’t know about you:

Last summer I took a flying trapeze lesson near the NJ/PA border about 3.5 hours from Syracuse. It was great fun, and I actually did a trick, but there are more tricks I want to do. Armed with a better fitness level, I can’t wait go back. The more the merrier! I propose an unofficial CNY Tri Club field trip to Fly School Circus Arts trapeze school. Contact me if you’re interested!  It’s cross-training!


A number of CNY Triathlon Club members had award winning performances at the races recently:

Karen Summers Henderson Harbor Duathlon   2nd F Overall, 1:21:15.

Bob Langkammerer Owasco Man   3rd M 50-54   1:30:37

Chary Griffin Mini Musselman   3rd F 60-64 (Five weeks after shoulder and elbow surgery   following a Deer/bike mishap.);  Du The Lakes Duathlon 1st F 60-64

Eileen Clinton Tri Oswego     2nd F 50-54 1:30; Cooperstown Triathlon 2nd F 50-54   1:27

Alex Johnson Mini Musselman   1st M, 45-49 1:18:44

Rob Chimento Henderson Harbor Triathlon 1st M 30-34Podium

Mindy Lu Gaffney Tri Oswego 1st F 55-59 138:27.

Lisa Pumilio Piseco Lake Triathlon 1st F 30-39 1:28:44

Team Advocare Livestrong at the Y Green Lakes Triathlon, Relay Keith Kutil (CNY TRI Member), Bob Funk, William Hoyne.

Lisa Barnes Livestrong at the Y Green Lakes Triathlon 2nd F 30-34 1:17:30

Kristen Heath Black Fly Challenge 3rd F Master 30-99 Sport Division 3:51:01; Tri Oswego Sprint 2nd F 30-35 1:27:14

Reem Jishi Tri Oswego Sprint 2nd Female overall 1:15:46

Big congratulations to all our award winners!

If I missed your award winning performance, please email me your overall or AG award winning performance to Send me the race you did, the overall or AG category you are in and your place and time.

Champion Slot Holders

Calling All Slot Holders

If you qualified and accepted a slot to one of the coveted races in the multisport arena, we would like toadd you to a list to be posted each month in our newsletter. Tom Stern will be compiling this list along with his monthly podium article on race results.

So let us know where you accepted the slot and which championship/year you are headed to.

Championship Slots include:

  • Ironman World Championship in Kona
  • Ironman World Championship 70.3 in Las Vegas
  • Team USA Slot for World ITU Age Group Championships in
    • Sprint Triathlon
    • Short Course (Olympic) Triathlon
    • Long Course (Half) Triathlon
    • Short Duathlon
    • Long Duathlon

This is all the slots I could think of unless you have some I missed.

Contact Tom at

Article Headline

Courtesy Pays Back

During the run leg of the Oneida Shores Wednesday night training events, I noticed a lady sitting at her picnic table along side of the road. I smiled and nodded as I passed. On the way back on the road she had gotten up, picked up her garden hose and was hosing down runners as they passed. A real treat on one of those really hot evenings over the last couple of weeks. A little bit of courtesy pays back in some of the most unexpected ways.

We have been harping about rules of the road and club training procedures, but it all comes back to courtesy. The amount of new members has made it real challenging to explain each week what is expected of the club’s athletes when they participate in our training events. A lot of it seems like common sense to the experienced members but for those new, the multisport experience brings lots of never before seen situations. Those with experience have to be reminded of this as well. And how can we expect anything more of our athlete population when most drivers on the road have no idea how cyclists are permitted to act on the road by the traffic laws to mention just one example.

First courtesy we all need to consider having a good idea where the routes are before we show up at a training event or race.

· You get a rude surprise blindly following another swimmer as they head off away from the buoy marking the race course. Take the time to train yourself to look up regularly while swimming to correct back to the course and seeing other swimmers around and in front of you. If we all would more frequently check around and in front of us, there would be less collisions and less anxiety equaling easier faster swimming.

· Sitting up and slowing down while on a course as you approach each turn, makes for a difficult situation for riders riding behind you. Review the course online before showing up.

Second, be courteous , don’t be a hazard out there.

· At the swim start, move to the outside and back if you are not one of the faster swimmers.

· Do not ride two abreast. Traffic laws are very specific about when being passed not to be riding side by side. And during a training event or race, there is constant passing of each other so two abreast rapidly becomes worse.

· Laws require you to stay to the right unless road conditions require you to move out into the lane. In order to pass, the left of you needs to be open. Stay to the right.

· As you pass, ensure the rider or pedestrian know that you are passing, “On your left.”

· Make your passes quickly and when passed yield to the safe distance behind as the USA Triathlon rules require.

Third, being alert and yielding to others will reap rewards.

· Headphones are not allowed in this large group training and racing environment where we need to be aware of all the others around us.

· Watching for traffic and anticipating where they may be trying to go is a win-win solution.

· And I mentioned above just nodding, smiling and friendly comments will mean that the neighbor, driver or other athlete will be more likely to cooperate than get aggressive with you or other athletes later.

Finally, appreciate the volunteers that make these events happen.

· Safety is the first priority of our Club. We sign in and out to account for all our athletes at each event. 8pm is time for volunteers to go home. Be prompt arriving and leaving.

· And take your turn so we all can have our chance to train and race.

Train safe so you can race healthy.

2011 Race Dates

August 7, 2011 – Cayuga Lake – SOLD OUT!
Both Sprint and Olympic distances – USAT Sanctioned

August 7, 2011 – Iron Girl Triathlon – SOLD OUT!
Swim 600m, Bike 30k, Run 5k

August 7, 2011 – Lyme Sprint Triathlon

Swim 600m or 3 mile kayak/canoe, Bike 17.6mi, Run 4mi

August 14, 2011 – Cazenovia Triathlon
Both Sprint and Intermediate Distances offered!

September 3, 2011 – Skinnyman Triathlon

Swim 800m, Bike 14 mi, Run 3 mi

September 18, 2011 – Syracuse Ironman 70.3

Swim 1.2 mi, Bike 56 mi, Run 13.1 mi

October 1, 2011 – Cazenovia Hillbender Fall Classic

About the CNY Tri Club
The CNY Triathlon Club is a volunteer organization operated and led by members of the club and supported by its members and sponsors.


CNY Triathlon Club was formed in January 2000 to bring together people in the Central New York area to strengthen and advance the sport of triathlon; promote the educational pursuit of the triathlon and general physical fitness; represent the sport of triathlon within the community, and to publish and disseminate information related to the sport of triathlon.

Our mission is to reach beyond ourselves and encourage others by sharing our experiences.

A Note from the Editor…

If any club member would like to contribute to our newsletter or help in editing and arranging it each month, contact me at

Amie Thomas,
Publisher & Editor
CNY Triathlon Club, Inc.

P.O. Box 434
Dewitt, New York 12314

Bike Box Loaner Program

The CNY Tri Club has two metal bike boxes for shipping your bike to that distant triathlon that you want to compete in.  To use a bike box, you must be a CNY Tri Club member.

In order to reserve a box, simply call ahead.  The boxes will be available for pick up from Syracuse Bicycle on Erie Blvd, Syracuse (446-6816) or Multisport Physical Therapy on First St, Suite B, Liverpool (451-2270).

Multisport Physical Therapy
Liverpool, NY
National Aquatics
Erie Boulevard, Syracuse
Syracuse Bicycle
Erie Boulevard, Syracuse
The Bikery
Baldwinsville, NY
The Bike Loft
South Bay Road, North Syracuse

Finger Lakes Running & Triathlon Co.
215 E. State St, Ithaca, NY

All CNY Triathlon Club members will receive $50 off of wetsuits and 10% off of all triathlon, swimming, cycling and nutritional products plus discounted bike fits.
3 Treasures Theraputic Massage

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