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July 2012 : Issue 41

Published: July 2, 2012 •

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July 2012 – Issue 41
In This Issue
Know the Wednesday Night Rules
Cazenovia Triathlon Volunteers Needed
Annual Club Picnic
Gillie Girl Volunteers Needed
CNY Tri Kids Club at the Mini Wasco Kids Triathlon
Handling the Heat While Training
Food Drive at the Wed Night Training Series
Tip of the Month
CNY Tri on the Podium
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Board Meeting

Our Board Meetings are now held the second Sunday of each month at 3pm.

Odd Months (January, March …) are held at Cicero (Circle Dr), Panera Bread.
Even Months (February, April …) are held at Dewitt (Erie Blvd), Panera Bread.
If you are interested in attending, please contact a board member directly or email the board at executiveboard <at>
We would love to have you participate!

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2012 Board Members

Bridget Lichtinger, President


Deborah Armstrong, Vice President


Jill Poniros, Treasurer


John Ricker,  Secretary


Deborah Armstrong, Vice President

Volunteer Director


John Austin

Cazenovia Triathlon Co-Director

Mike Gasparek

Jamesville Event Co-Director

Cazenovia Triathlon Co-Director


Stacey Keefe



Dave Knaebel

Equipment Manager


Jim Mirra

Jamesville Event Co-Director


Kristin Mullally

Oneida Shores Event Co-Director


Andy Degati

Oneida Shores Event Co-Director


Rich O’Neil

Race Volunteer Coordinator

Sean Severance

Board Member 

Debbie Sindone 

Newsletter Editor

All members of the Executive Board can be reached at:


Letter from the President 

Dear Fellow CNY Tri Club Members!

CONGRATULATIONS to all the members that competed in the Syracuse Ironman 70.3 on Sunday, June 24th.   CNY Tri was in the house with 100 members!! We were named the Official Club of Syracuse 70.3 and had a club tent with our own port-o-johns which were very popular with club members and the envy of everyone else! Thank you to all the volunteers that worked hard to pull the weekend together and helping at the club tent! It was a privilege to be out there cheering and screaming “GO CNY TRI!”

Thank you to the members who have been stepping up to volunteer on Wednesday nights!  But we still have two months to go!  If you haven’t volunteered yet, please take a moment to email our Volunteer Director, Deborah at volunteers <at>   Let her know the date, location and position you would like to volunteer and she will add you to the volunteer spreadsheet.  We are working hard to get all the spots filled so we aren’t scrambling at the last minute. We cannot express how much we appreciate everyone pulling together to make Wednesday Night happen. And speaking of volunteers….  
CAZ Tri is fast approaching and we need volunteers for Sunday, August 12, 2012!  This is the club’s premier race and we have athletes from all over come out to race.  We can’t do it without a huge team of volunteers.  Ask your friends, family, and groups about volunteering.  It is awesome to be out there cheering on the athletes.  As a member you can earn volunteer points and our undying gratitude!  To volunteer go to the Caz Tri website and sign-up!  Email questions to Rich O’Neil at cazvolunteers <at>

The Annual Club Picnic is Sunday, August 26, 2012 at Jamesville Beach!  Below is more information about the picnic.  It is going to be a great time and NO hurricane this year (I hope!).  We are going to have our last Tri training series and then stuff ourselves with Dino BBQ.  YUM!

Lastly, below you are going to see a re-cap of the rules of the club and summer training nights.  I’d sent these out earlier this week and we thought it important to include in the newsletter.  The number one priority we have is member safety and we are extremely strict about the rules.  We want you to make it to the start line healthy and at your best. We also ask everyone to show up early (check-in starts at 5:15). Leave time for you to check-in because as we get busier the longer it takes to get checked-in.  Please be patient with the volunteers.  They are going as fast as they can.  Quickly get set-up and head down to the beach.  Your cooperation will not only make this go a lot easier, but less stressful for everyone.  Thank you.

I am so proud to be a member of this club.  Every week you all inspire me to be the best that I can be and to work harder for you.


Train safe, race hard.
Bridget Lichtinger, President
president <at> 

Board Meeting


The July Board of Directors meeting will be held

at 6:00 PM at Sam’s House on Sunday, July 8.  


If you are interested in attending, email the board at:

executiveboard <at>

Know the Wednesday Night Rules

We are reaching the height of the training season, which means our training sites at Gillie Lake, Jamesville Beach, and Oneida Shores are packed with members.  It is typical to get 150-250+ people at each venue. It is the responsibility as a club member to know the rules and training courses.  The rules have been included in your welcome letter and are listed on our website.  Take a moment to go over them.

This has become a serious issue and one that could jeopardize the club using the venues in the future. It is also huge safety issue.

1) Members MUST sign-in and SIGN-OUT.  We have a 3 strikes and you are out rule. We are keeping track of those who fail to sign-out.

2 ) Check-in begins at 5:15 p.m. and you must be checked-out BEFORE 8 p.m.  NOT at 8:00 p.m.  BEFORE.  The park closes and the volunteers want to get home.  If you are late checking out 3 times you will not be able to participate for the rest of the season.  It isn’t fair to the volunteers to hang out until a person is finished.  Know your time!

3) Everyone MUST BE SIGNED IN AND ON THE BEACH AT 6:00 p.m. This does NOT mean you are in LINE to check-in at 6:00 p.m.  It isn’t fair to the 150 people waiting to get in the water for the 5 people that showed up late.  We must get started on time and we start PROMPTLY at 6:00 p.m. because we only have 2 hours.


Get a move on!  When arriving a lot of people take their time, chatting, getting their stuff on and leisurely getting to the beach.  There is no race that is going to wait for you to get on the beach.  We shouldn’t have to either and we don’t enjoy yelling at everyone to hurry up so we can get started.  Rack your bike, get your transition ready and be ON the beach at 5:50/5:55.

4) STOP CHATTING AND LISTEN.  Even if you know the course. Stay quiet for a few minutes in order for others around you to hear the instructions. LISTEN to the instructions.  If you didn’t hear or don’t know, ASK.  It is hard to scream instruction to over 200 people and we need everyone to stay quiet.  Afterwards, chat away.  


5) When entering the water – go single file, showing your number on your hand through the two swim counters.  Same when you exit the water. DO NOT GO AROUND THEM.  We must make sure that the same number that entered the water, came out of the water. 


6) KNOW. THE. COURSE.  If you are unsure of the swim course, please ask.  Bike courses and run courses are up on our website.  If you aren’t sure — email the site directors.

When biking you MUST RIDE SINGLE FILE.  The roads are not closed for us and it is vital we leave a good impression about cyclists!

7) When biking you MUST ANNOUNCE ON YOUR LEFT WHEN PASSING.  Do not pass if there is a car coming up behind! WAIT. Then pass. 

When you hear someone yell “CAR BACK”  that means a car is coming up behind. Please PASS IT DOWN THE LINE.  Communication on the road will help everyone be safe.



10) NO HEADPHONES WHILE RUNNING!  You can’t wear them in a race so this is good training.

11) DO NOT RUN 3-4 ACROSS.  This really ticks people who live around the neighborhood off and it would you too!  Please be a courteous runner.


13) KNOW YOUR LIMITS — know what you can do for the night, physically and within the time frame.

14) It is a hot summer. BRING HYDRATION with you!

15) Overall, be courteous to the volunteers and site directors (who are also volunteers).  We are doing this for you in order for you to be at your peak on race day.  We are doing our best and if we enforce the rules it is because we care about the safety of all of our members. 

Be respectful.  Follow the rules.

Thank you and have a great season.


Cazenovia Triathlon Volunteers Needed!


We need volunteers for the Cazenovia Triathlon on Sunday, August 12, 2012!  If you haven’t been able to volunteer on Wednesday, this would be a great event to earn volunteer points. 
To volunteer: go to the Caz Tri website to sign up!  If you have any questions, send an email to Rich O’Neil at cazvolunteers <at>



Save the Date for our Annual Club Picnic


The Annual Club Picnic is Sunday, August 26, 2012 at Jamesville Beach! We will kick off the picnic with the Adult Tri race at 8 a.m., followed by the CNY Tri Kid’s Triathlon at 10 a.m. We have 70 kids that have been training all summer and are eager to get out there and show their stuff.  Afterwards, we will stuff ourselves on Dinosaur BBQ from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. Also, we could use some volunteers! If interested in helping out with the picnic email me at president <at>

You do not have to do the adult race at 8 a.m., but it would be great for everyone to show up to cheer on the kids at 10 a.m. The adult tri is limited to 250 people.  Picnic is free for the first 300 members.  After 300 it will be $10 per person and guests are $16. We will be sending out an invite VERY soon! However, please do not RSVP unless you are positive you can make it because we are pre-paying per person and if 100 people show up when we paid for 200  that would make us very sad and a little ticked.




Gillie Girl Volunteers Needed



The Gillie Girls Sprint Triathlon is excited about all of the athletes that have registered for this inaugural event.  To date, over 300 athletes have registered with only 325 slots available.  


The Gillie Girl’s Sprint Triathlon will be donating 100% of its net proceeds to the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund.  


This event is slated for Sunday, July 22 at the Veteran’s Memorial Park in Camillus, NY.  This sprint triathlon is a 1/2 mile – double loop swim in Gillie Lake, followed by a flat 14-mile bike and a 3.1 mile run.  


As the race director, I am looking to CNY Triathlon members who would like to be apart of this event.  We have a great day scheduled, with the race starting at 8:30am, family oriented, plenty of kids activities (martial arts demonstrations, bounce houses, slides, etc…), Limp Lizard barbeque, two bands slated, the park re-opening for public swimming post-race and so much more.  We are hoping that we can find fellow triathletes to fill key roles where experienced triathletes would be beneficial, such as in kayaks, on the bike course, at race registration and in transition.  


If you are interested in volunteering please go to and register to volunteer and acknowledge your preference of position on the course.  The registration link is below the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund logo.  Volunteers will get front row seats to the race, a post-race party, free Limp Lizard food, t-shirt donated by the Baldwin Fund and you will be help a great event that is supporting breast cancer research here in our own community.  Of course, we ask all the racers and volunteers to stop out at the Gillie Lake, for the Wednesday night triathlon training events and introduce themselves. If you are interested in participating, please sign up soon so you don’t get closed out.  Thanks for your support.  Questions can be directed to 315.685.6858 or eric.prager <at>
Eric Prager
Gillie Girl’s Race Director


Endurance Monster Lifesports Retail and Performance Center is proud to sponsor the Gillie Girl’s Sprint Triathlon. 




CNY Tri Kids Club at the Mini Wasco Kids Triathlon


A group of future triathletes from our CNY Tri Kids Club, which is coached by Mary Jo Galletta and Kristen Roe, took part in the Mini Wasco Kids Triathlon on Saturday June 30th at Owasco Lake.  The kids had so much fun that they want to do the Mini Skinny Labor Day weekend in Skaneateles. 


Handling the Heat While Training


Club member and medical professional Lynn Cunningham, MD wanted to share some tips on how to handle the heat while training.

If your day job, your professional work, is in an inside climate controlled AC environment for 8 hours, and your home has AC, you won’t acclimate to the summer heat and humidity. 
Try to set your AC warmer at night ( if you have a partner/spouse that allows!).
If not, then you need to train during the daytime heat.  Try to do some rides and runs at lunch time ( you are an athlete, a  wash cloth and a towel and you’ll be fresh in no time, shower not needed).  If you can’t do lunch, then the end of the day may be alot warmer than the beginning of the day.  On the weekends target middle of the day.  Certainly this is something you gradually want to get used to. 



Try to stay cool before your race.  Once your core temp starts to climb, it’s hard to get it to go back down. 
At Athens, the triathletes were dressed in ice laden vests before race time.   

Wear a white hat (not a visor) that lets water go through, and wear no black, all light colored clothes. I think there is a lot of marketing of “cooling arm covers” etc,….your skin does a fine job.     

On the race course, make sure you stay well hydrated (know your sweat rate at all temps, sun, and wind conditions) and well salted ( Target sodium intake of 600-1000mg/hr for girls, 800-1200mg/hr for boys, see Triathlete’s July 2012, med tent article).  This means you need to drink all sports drink, very little water.    

On the race course take ice.….

  • Ice in your hat.  (All white hats that breath are best)
  • Ice in your sports bra( sorry boys! shirts might work).
  • Ice in your hands.  (this is key…dump a whole cup in your shirt, and keep pulling pieces out to carry in your hands. They are big ventilators. When you are hot, your body does push your blood to your extremities).
  • Never ice in your mouth….too much of a choking risk, and it’s not that cooling anyways.  (*Note from the Newsletter Editor: Listen to Lynn here!  I started choking on the melted water from ice during the Syracuse 70.3.  My throat closed right up and it took awhile before I could get a good breath.  It scared the crap out of me!)

If there is cool water and cold sponges, those are helpful too, on you, not in you…you need to drink sports drink.


Run in the shade whenever you can find it.    

Slow down if you need to.  The harder you go the more heat you generate.    

Be certain to know your sweat rate.  In the winter, I can drink  8 oz for 10 miles.  Today, it was 85-90 for 7.4 miles and I had to drink 8 oz every 15min!  And I’m a lighter weight girl!  Weigh yourself before and after every workout.  Remember, 1# down = 16 oz at least of fluid dehydrated. 

Be aware of the signs of heat injury….if you feel dazed, confused, lightheaded, near fainting, headache, stop sweating….stop racing and seek immediate care.  Asthma people….your asthma may flare. Be aware. 


Food Drive at the Wednesday Night Training Series


The CNY Tri Club is not only about making a positive impact within the sport of triathlon, but also to make a positive impact within our communities. Every Wednesday, we are conducting the Wednesday Night Food Drive supporting the Food Bank of CNY. 


A wonderful group of club members have offered to make this Food Drive possible and we need members to make it a huge success! Let’s show CNY that we care about our local community. The CNY Tri Club has registered to be a local member for the Food Bank: 


“The core of our work is achieved by partnering with local member programs that distribute food to families in need. The key partners that make up our emergency food network are food pantries, soup kitchens and emergency shelters. Other not-for-profit agencies such as day care centers, rehabilitation centers, senior centers and group homes are able to utilize membership as a way to supplement their agency food needs.” 


At each site will have a bin at the check-in/check-out table for the Food Bank of CNY. Here is the preferred food list: 

  • Canned Tuna
  • Canned Beans/Legumes
  • Dried Beans/Legumes
  • Peanut Butter
  • Dinner Mixes
  • Pasta-Rice-Grains
  • Cereal
  • Oatmeal
  • Soups/Stews
  • Canned/Dried Fruit
  • Canned Vegetables

NO Candy/Soda (no nutritional value) 




Tip of the Month





Using a drop of Johnson’s baby shampoo in your swimming goggles will prevent them from fogging up.
Just put a drop in each lens, but first make sure there isn’t any sand/dirt etc in your goggles that will scratch them, swish it around with your finger, and then wipe it out with a piece of soft tissue. This beats a gob of spit.


Thanks to Jim Mirra for offering that helpful hint!


Do you have a helpful tip or trick that you want your fellow CNY Tri members to know?  Email your ideas to newsletter <at> and we may use your idea in an upcoming issue.  

CNY Tri on the Podium!




  • Kristen Mucitelli-Heath

Black Fly Challenge

Cyclo/Mountain Bike Race, 40 Miles

1st Place, Women’s Sport Division, 19-99





Tri-Oswego Sprint Triathlon

2nd Place, Women 35-39


Member Profile

Name:  Lynn Cunningham, M.D.

Tell us about yourself.  

I’m a wife and mom first. A family doctor next. I couldn’t do any of those jobs well if I didn’t engage in my other pursuits as triathlete and runner. I learned a long time ago that the benefits of regular vigorous exercise help me to be the best at being a wife, mom, and doctor. My professional hobby is to be a doctor in the medical tent on race day. I have volunteered at IMLP since 2005 in the years that I’m not racing. I also have volunteered at Cayuga Lake Triathlon, Musselman Triathlon, and Empire State Marathon. My training in this area of medicine started with a sports med rotation in residency. In 2001, when I did my first marathon, Marine Corp, I attended a “medical management of endurance events” conference.  I’ve attended those conferences regularly since then. I love the drama and excitement of figuring out what is the cause of a collapsed athlete and then helping them to figure out what went wrong so it doesn’t happen again! My other hobby is photography. I love shooting pictures! Scenic views, critters, and flowers are my favorite subjects. I love the long light at the ends of the days.




Andy and I live in LaFayette. I work as a family doctor in the practice that I also am a partner in, The Cortland Health Center, in Cortland. My scope of practice is now outpatient based, seeing people from new born to elderly. I do lots of women’s health and do draw local athletes a bit because of my sports med interests and training. I’ve written articles and done lectures in the community promoting safe exercise and sharing information about triathlon, running, nutrition, and hydration. In the warmer months of the year, I commute (and train!) by biking home at the end of the day, then biking back in to work in the morning. It works well! Andy and I are members of the Cortland YMCA. We train there, swimming and lifting weights. We also enjoy using our fitness in other ways….we are gradually working on the 46 High peaks of the Adirondacks. We started in 2005, and do a few every year. Usually, the Wednesday after IMLP, we will hike a high peak! 




We have 2 boys. Ryan is an urban planner, just finished his master’s degree and is working at

“Metropolis”, an architecture and planning magazine. He continues to look for work as a direct urban planner. Shaun is a second year music teacher at Watertown schools and has just started his Masters in Music Education at Ithaca College. Yep, they are grown. Is it little wonder that our first Ironman occurred in 2006? The year after Shaun graduated from high school and the year we were 40 going on 41?




Andy and I enjoy doing all sorts of running and triathlon events. We do many races every year.

Lately our trend has been to do 1-2 spring/olympic, 1-2 of 1/2IM, a full IM every few years, and lots of 5ks, Mtn Goat, Boiler Maker, 1/2 marathon, and a fall/winter marathon. We sometimes train together, but not always. Sometimes the boys have joined us in our adventures. We hope they continue to remain active recreational athletes. Our family rule is “Run your own race!” 


How long have you been involved in Triathlon and what made you take it up?  

With time I found that running created aerobic fitness, but led to muscle imbalance in the body. Andy and I had heard about this new sport called “triathlon”. In 2002, we watched the Green Lakes tri, then signed up and did Cazenovia tri as our very first. We’ve been participating in multiple races every year ever since!




Who is your Hero? 

Well, an athletic hero to me, is someone who achieves amazing athletic performance and uses that platform for the good of others around them. Chrissie Wellington and Lance Armstrong are heroes for me. Also, Coach Dan McNeil, Cortland YMCA, is my hero. He started swimming in his 70s, likes to swim a 1000IM for his birthday every year. He loves to take newer swimmers under his wing and help them with their strokes. He leads the masters swim group on Wed night. He promotes exercise and fitness through his involvement with the Y. He’ll be 90 next spring. I hope to be able to do what he is doing when I get to almost 90!


What is your athletic background?

My earliest memories are of running….around the house as many times as you can, trying to get faster with each set, racing my sister, my dad, cars( cars?!!). A little older I remember taking my dog, Boo, up to Currie Road, a back country flat straight road, and racing her on my bike. I grew up in Preble, went to Tully schools, and played sports from 4th grade up. I was a 3 season high school athlete, 7 varsity letters, cross country, volleyball and softball. Tully was a smaller school, so no major team awards or championships. We learned to work hard and study hard, and balance everything. Summers my sisters and I took swimming lessons at Tully’s Green Lake when we were little, then Preble Pond when we were older, where I did become a lifeguard. Yep, road the bike to work….3 miles…no hands all the way including over the railroad tracks! So, I think I grew up as a triathlete. I just didn’t put it all together until I was 31! I returned to regular athletic participation by running…after medical school I was getting heavier (ok, fat!), 1995. We bought a house and a dog and I started running regularly with the dog. I did my first 5k as an adult in 1998 at a medical conference in Kansas City. It took 35 min and I almost puked! From there, we started running more, and farther, faster, enrolling in 5ks, then 10ks, then boilermaker, mtn goat………My first Marathon was the 2001Marine Corp. (This fall we will return as sort of an 11 year anniversary!) I began to realize running was creating muscle imbalance in my body, and was not a whole body fitness approach. We looked at triathlon, watched the Green Lakes race in June, 2002, signed up for Caz in 2002, and that was our first triathlon! My arms were so skinny back then! We absolutely loved the sport, and signed up for multiple races in the following years. Our first 1/2 IM was Timberman in 2004. Our first IM was Lake Placid in 2006. The more you do, the less crazy it seems! At this point I don’t know how many sprint races, olympics, 5k runs, 10k runs, ½ marathons, etc, that I’ve done. I do know I’ve done at least 8 marathons, 11 of 1/2 ironman and 3 IM Lake Placid. I worked hard to run Philly marathon in 2007 and qualified and then ran Boston, 2008. This year I already did Syr 70.3, and am considering age group nationals in Oklahoma City. We are also doing IM Lake Placid, and likely “I’m all That” on Skinny weekend.




What are your Triathlon strengths and weaknesses?

Time is my limiter for training. And I think my job creates physical weakness and imbalance too. The folks who have a physically active profession seem stronger to me. Swimming is my weak leg, or at least the slowest one. I always rank much better in the bike and the run. I would consider my understanding of nutrition, hydration and heat management to be a strength as well.

What was your first triathlon and what do you remember most? 

See above


What is your favorite race and why? 

My favorite race venue is IM Lake Placid. A Golden Cable to swim, a beautiful long lovely ride through the Adirondack Mountains, finished with a gorgeous run along the Ausable in the foot hills of the mountains. Great food. Great people all around!


In 2010, I had a good Tinman, a personal best IMLP and then had an amazingly fun and good time at the new IM 70.3 Syracuse. I really enjoyed the Syr race as I felt steady on the swim, strong on the bike, and faster on the run than expected. It was a memorable race as the bike course goes through areas that we train on regularly, and the run course was a trip down memory lane….past Shoppingtown Mall where I went a lot as a kid, past Wayne’s (now Syracuse Bicycle) where I bought my first 10 speed bike (I saved my money. When I got to 1/2 the cost, Mom and Dad surprised me and went halvesies!), past Upstate where I went to medical school, past the Holiday Inn where Andy had his first Management position, past St. Joe’s where Ryan was born and I went to residency….really cool run! I finished with a personal best in the 1/2 IM that day!


What was your worst race and why?   

IM Lake Placid 2009 was probably my worst race. I would like to share this story so that if any of you have the trouble…..It was a cooler year, raining. The swim was ok. Got out on the bike. Climbed the first hills past the ski jumps, and took 1/2 bottle of boost, per my nutrition plan. Within 15-30 min I started having cramps. A short while later I was looking for porta- potties. Then I began thinking about it. I had had trouble with runners’ diarrhea, eating yogurt at lunch at work in the afternoons my stomach would rumble horribly, some mornings I would get up and have diarrhea. The light bulb came on in the middle of that IM bike course, and I figured out I was lactose intolerant. That bike ride was horrible. I stopped taking in anything for a while, cuz everything just seemed to make it worse. I kept biking, was just slower. Tons passed me. Finally, after the out n back to Haselton, things seemed to calm down. I was able to start taking in water and bananas (thank heavens for bananas!), and get a little more speed under my legs. I realized I could drink Gatorade too. I felt horribly dry. So I just biked steadily and drank lots. The second loop was much better I was able to recover enough to have a decent run. Thank goodness it was a cooler year! As it turns out, carbohydrate maldigestion is one of the more common reasons for GI distress in endurance athletes.


What are this year’s goals?  

This year’s goals are to beat 13 hours at IMLP in a few weeks. My personal best on this course is 13:09. It will depend on the weather! Too hot or too cold will make that goal more challenging.

In five years you hope to … 

Dreaming here…I would love to go to Hawaii and maybe do the Ironman 70.3 Hawaii. Or go and attend the medical conference and watch the Big Dance. I would also like to improve my ranking in my age group at the races I’m doing.

Something most people don’t know about you:  

I’m deaf in my left ear. No big deal, right? Only one ear…I can hear as well as most people.

However, in certain situations I don’t hear well at all, and I can’t tell direction. Sometimes this makes me appear snobby, cuz I might seem to ignore people. I can hear you cheering for me at races, but I can’t tell where you are! Also, while biking and running, It’s a challenge to tell if that car noise is in front of me or behind me. If I do see a car in front of me, is there still a car behind me that I can’t tell is coming? No ipod for me! I love to hear the birds…if only I could tell where they were in the trees! Yep, it’s in the family. My sister, Jill Merrow, has the same disability, but the opposite ear. We are quite a pair in the car when she is driving! Fortunately, all the kids in the next generation are just fine…. Please keep cheering! Just know that I might wave, but maybe not in quite the right direction!

About the CNY Tri Club


The CNY Triathlon Club is a volunteer organization operated and led by members of the club and supported by its members and sponsors.


CNY Triathlon Club was formed in January 2000 to bring together people in the Central New York area to strengthen and advance the sport of triathlon, promote the educational pursuit of the triathlon and general physical fitness, represent the sport of triathlon within the community, and to publish and disseminate information related to the sport of triathlon.

A Note from the Editor…

If any club member would like to contribute to our newsletter or help in editing and arranging it each month, contact me at newsletter <at>  


Debbie Sindone
Publisher & Editor
CNY Triathlon Club, Inc.

P.O. Box 434
Dewitt, New York 13214


T2 Multisport

Manlius, NY

CNY Tri Members can get $25 off any of our group training programs (70.3, summer olympic/sprint). We will also provide a free season planner consultation (30 min.) for CNY Tri members.
Multisport Physical Therapy
Liverpool, NY
National Aquatics
Erie Boulevard, Syracuse                 
Syracuse Bicycle
Erie Boulevard, Syracuse               
The Bikery
Baldwinsville, NY                              
The Bike Loft
South Bay Road, North Syracuse 

Finger Lakes Running & Triathlon Co.
215 E. State St, Ithaca, NY

All CNY Triathlon Club members will receive $50 off of wetsuits and 10% off of all triathlon, swimming, cycling and nutritional products plus discounted bike fits.
3 Treasures Theraputic Massage



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