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2011 03 : March Newsletter

Published: March 1, 2011 •

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CNY Triathlon Club Newsletter
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March 2011 – Issue 25
In This Issue
Board Members
March Board Meeting
Letter from the President
Winter Training Facility
Fundraiser at the WTF!
Cazenovia Triathlon
Tri at the Y
Du Tri the Hills
Coaching Corner
CNY Training Programs
Member Profile
Website Updates
2011 Race Dates
About CNY Tri Club
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Board Meeting
Our Board Meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month.  If you are interested in attending, please contact a board member directly or email the board at to find out the time and location.  We would love to have you participate!
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2011 Board Members
Sam Sampere
Meghan MacBlane

Vice President

Ken Hammond


Tom Stern

John Austin

Cazenovia Triathlon Director

John Evans

Kelly Covert

Andy D’agati

Mary Jo Galetta

Jim Mirra

Kristin Mullally
Rich O’Neil

Bill Street

Amie Thomas
Newsletter Editor

All members of the Executive Officers and Board of Director’s can be reached at:
Bike Box Loaner Program

The CNY Tri Club has two metal bike boxes for shipping your bike to that distant triathlon that you want to compete in.  To use a bike box, you must be a CNY Tri Club member.

In order to reserve a box, simply call ahead.  The boxes will be available for pick up from Syracuse Bicycle on Erie Blvd, Syracuse (446-6816) or Multisport Physical Therapy on First St, Suite B, Liverpool (451-2270).

March Board Meeting
The Board of Directors will be meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, March 1st at 6:30 pm.  The meeting will take place at Panera Bread in Dewitt.  If you are interested in learning more about the club, feel free to stop by!
Letter from the President

Hi Triathletes!

Our club nearly tripled in membership last season. While we grow, we are looking for ways to improve the club so that we can retain those new athletes, and attract new ones to our club and to this wonderful and support sport. We recently changed our ‘googlegroup’ means of communication to an e-mail listserv. Please let us know if you are experiencing difficulty. We hope you understand as we experience some growing pains.

Our annual club meeting, banquet, and elections were held mid-February at Bella Domani, hosted by club member Brian Lang. Thanks Brian! I would like to thank those retiring board members for their service, ideas, and hard work, while welcoming those new board members: Meghan MacBlane, Amie Thomas, and Mary Jo Galetta.

We had a fantastic learning opportunity during the meeting. The medical panel consisted of Dan Wnorowski (orthopedic surgeon), Chuck Prosser (physical therapist), Amanda Nash (chiropractor), Brent Morehouse (exercise physiologist), and Robyn Low (massage therapist). Here are the messages in a nutshell – massage can help muscles from ‘getting broken.’ It helps alleviate scar tissue that impedes correct functional muscle movement. It also help helps to keep you loose and limber so your body works mechanically.

When you’re broke, you need other experts. The chiropractors and PTs also help break up and repair that scar tissue through differing means, including soft tissue work, Graston, and other techniques. For serious work, a chiropractor might choose to perfom Graston, a fairly harsh technique used to break up scar tissue through the use of specially shaped metal tools. Active Release Therapists (ART) mimics Graston, but the practitioner uses his or her hands and fingers to knead out those damages regions.

Maybe these therapies do not alleviate your symptoms and you elect to see an orthopedic surgeon. Do yourself a favor and find one who is also an athlete! That specialist needs to understand your desire to continue in your activities. Dan is one such doc, he is one of us! If you see Dan, do not be surprised if he exhausts all other therapeutic alternatives before suggesting surgery.

Please contact any of these panelists if you have further questions on their practice and their relevance to your particular needs.

Spring is almost here, but it’s still cold and snowy outside. So, training continues in the Winter Training Facility (WTF). Please join us during any of our sessions!

Here is what you can look for in the near future and this coming season: a CNY Tri Fundraiser at the WTF where we will be raising money for a local charity, open water swim practice sessions at Green Lakes State Park and Jamesville Beach County Park, continuing Wednesday night training tris at Oneida Shores and Jamesville Beach, regular kids triathlon sessions, new clothing options, and a bigger and better Cazenovia Triathlon. If you have ideas, suggestions, or want to help out, please let your friendly CNY Tri board member know.


Sam (Pres. 2011)

Winter Training Facility

As you know, our club now is now operating the Winter Training Facility in the Dicks’ Sporting Goods wing of Shoppingtown Mall. We have plenty of brand new trainers, and great video and sound equipment, so this is a great place to get in your winter cycling training and a little socializing with your fellow Tri club and OCC members. Check out the WTF link on the home page of for complete details and a schedule.

2011 WTF 2

You can participate in spin classes led by our great insructors, do spinnervalsDVDs, or even watch a movie and spin on Friday nights. You can store your bike there if you would rather not be transporting it back and forth all the time. And don’t miss the new Disco Ball! If you are really lucky, you may get to see Jim Mirra in his leisure suit!

P.S. Make sure to mark your calendars for an all day fundraising spinathon event at the WTF on Saturday March 26!

2011 WTF

Fundraiser at the WTF!

To All CNY Tri Club and OCC members:

On  Saturday March 26th, we are going hold a fundraiser at the WTF.   The theme is “CNY TRI CLUB AND OCC MEMBERS GIVE BACK” and all proceeds will benefit the Humane Association of CNY.  The fundraiser will run from 8AM to 5PM, and all CNY Tri Club members and OCC members are encouraged to join in the fun!

Pledge forms are available on the CNY Tri Club website.  You can download a copy of the pledge form here: Pledge Form Flyer. Riders will obtain pledges from friends, family, and co-workers. The minimum pledge will be $15 dollars per rider, and pledges can be collected as cash or checks made payable to the CNY Tri Club.  On pledge day, particiapants can ride as little or a long as desired. Also, pledges can be made as a flat pledge rate or you can have your friend challenge you to see how long you can ride by pledging an amount for each 30 minutes you ride.

Movies and music will be playing all day long, and we will have a few other surprises trhoughout the day!  Bring the family, hang out in our lounge area and gaze into our disco ball – relax, talk and watch others spin. I encourage all club members to come and participate to support this worthy cause.

Also, if you are interested in volunteering to help  collect and record pledges that are brought to the fundraiser, there will be a signup sheet at the WTF.  If you can’t get to the WTF to sign up to volunteer, email Jim Mirra ( to let him know when you can work!

2011 Cazenovia Triathlon

Cazenovia Triathalon News:

Registration for this year’s  Cazenovia Triathlon & Aquabike (Sunday August 14, 2011) is well ahead of last year’s record / sell out pace. Last year we had over 50 people contact us directly to try to get in after we closed entries so we’re providing plenty of early warning this season to avoid that situation.

In addition to entering one of the best priced triathlon’s in the area, this year you’ll get a technical tee shirt, our biggest goodie bag yet and a great training race for the Syracuse 70.3.

Caz Tri registration is at or register for Caz Tri via the 3 race “Du Tri the Hills Challenge” and get $30 off your cumulative race entries at:

Also, we’re always looking for new additions / CNY Tri members interested in joining the Caz Tri Committee team. If you want to help us continue to grow & improve the second oldest Triathlon in CNY you are welcome to join us at our next Caz Tri Committee meeting. It’s going to be Monday March 14 at 6:00PM at Fleet Feet.

Questions? contact:

TRI at the Y – Indoor Triathlon
First Annual Tri at the Y Indoor Triathlon

At the North Area Family Y

15 min. pool swim~15 min. indoor cycle~15 min. treadmill run

Sunday March 20, 2011

Waves begin at 7:00 a.m.

Space still open for both members and non-members!

Overall male and female winner will receive an entry to the sold out YMCA Green Lakes Triathlon 2011.  Prizes will also be awarded in age groups.Y Partners Logo

Open to ages 14 and up, beginners to advanced!! All proceeds will benefit the 2011 Y-Partners Campaign. Questions??  Contact Kelly Covert at :
Du Tri the Hills Challenge
Du Tri the Hills

**NEW** Du Tri the Hills Challenge!

This is a 3 race challenge including:

  • Du the Lakes Duathalon – May 7th
  • Cazenovia Triathalon – August 14th
  • Cazenovia Hillbender October 1st

If you enter for the entire series at once, you will get discounted entries to all three races!

For more information click here: Du Tri the Hills Challenge



Sunday June 26th – Tri-Oswego

BRAND NEW race on the calendar!  Look out, this is going to be a fantastic event!  Both Sprint and Olympic distances offered.  The race will involve a whole weekend of activities for kids and families – registration now available!

Check out for more information!

Coaching Corner

Hi Eric and Karen, I have registered for a race in July (my first half ironman distance race) and although I should be excited and eager to go, I am having trouble getting motivated – any suggestions would be welcomed – Thanks Cheryl

At some point in the year, nearly all of us struggle with issues of motivation. This may be a result of being inundated with work or family commitments, stress, lack of sleep or simply from being over-trained. Regardless, it is worthwhile acknowledging the fact that your motivation is suffering and then utilize some methods that will help get you back on track. Here are some things that we have found work for us:

Training Dates

Call a friend or two and organize to meet them on specified dates. Don’t be afraid to let them know that you are struggling with motivation and need their support at this time.

Training Environment

Change up the training environment. If you look out the window and the snow is intimidating (as it can sometimes be) schedule an indoor workout instead. Also consider running or biking at different locations. Use the workout as a chance to explore somewhere new and exciting. Even better, have friends join you!

Set Training Time Ranges

Rather than setting a specified time or distance for a workout, set a minimum and maximum workout time/distance. Eg: Instead of having a 5 mile run on your schedule set a range of 3-6 miles. This way, if motivation is lacking it might be easier to get out the door knowing that at a minimum you will only run 3 miles. This way you can go on how you feel, which leads to the next point.


Maximize opportunities – e.g.; a warm, sunny day in winter is a rare thing and so don’t be afraid to change up a pre-determined workout and get outside. Early in the season is also the time to be flexible with your training so with some caution we say, “train on how you feel”.

Set Goals

Start with small achievable goals. Don’t aim to go from 5 hours to 10 hours per week in a matter of weeks – build slowly so that physical and mental adaptation occurs. Additionally, if you have already planned what your most important race is going to be for the season, register for some smaller events that lead up to your “A” race. These smaller goals will help you to keep on track and keep you focused for the road ahead.

Mix It Up

Embrace the fact that we have snow for 5 months a year and try an activity that you may not have done before. Cross-County Skiing, Snowshoeing and winter hiking or all great activities that will help you not only avoid burnout but will also be great for your endurance. Also, don’t be afraid to add interest to your workouts such as incorporating short bike, run, bike repeats when using the trainer or doing circuits that may comprise of biking, strength exercises, sprints and polymeric (jumping) exercises.

In closing, remember, “The race does not always go to the swift but instead to the steady” so keep the big picture in mind and let consistency be the key! Find out what helps motivate you and don’t forget to incorporate some of these strategies into your training when you most need them. Good luck with the season.

Do you have a question for the Coach??

If you have a coaching question that you would like answered in the next edition of the CNY Tri Club newsletter, please send your question to:

Karen Allen-Turner: or

Eric Prager:

A submitted question will be answered each month!

Karen Allen-Turner and Eric Prager are both USAT Certified Coaches and are co-owners of Engineered Triathletes.  For more information about Karen and Eric and their coaching programs at Engineered Triathletes visit

CNY Training Programs

Training Program Explosion in CNY

By: John Evans

Trying to put all your different multisport training together? Lucky you.

Whether you are: brand new to triathlon training, want to step up in distance, improve upon your age group standings, or have your eyes on the podium – the programs here throughout Central NY cover all the options.

The opportunities to join a group or follow a program under the guidance of a triathlon coach here in Central New York have exploded, and what really got my attention as the Club’s membership director is our members are driving the surge. The picture below was taken from Fleet Feet’s Newsletter announcing their triathlon training programs for the season. Two of our area’s USA Triathlon certified coaches, Brendan Jackson and Denise Clark, added 10 of the our Club’s experienced athletes to their staff.

2011 Coaches

Front row left to right Denise Clark, Cindy Mueller, Tina Poppe,

2nd row: Beth Lancer, Brandi Boyanski, Brendan Jackson, Mary Lou Plante, Katey Wilhelm

Top Row: MaryBeth Romagnoli, Beth Massiano, Trisha Stethers, Amy Walts

Fleet Feet in Dewitt, with its wide success in group run training programs, is now expanding its triathlon training programs in its second year of offerings. Continuing its Begin to Tri program, they are adding an Intermediate program as well as a 70.3 Training Program all starting on May 1st. The programs offer weekly training schedules along with the twice a week group sessions. And all group members will be given membership to the CNY Tri Club as well. Information at:

Syracuse Bicycle, on Erie Boulevard, has joined forces of out of town coach Doug Bush with local certified coaches and Club members Trish Dugan and Stacy Wanamaker. Doug travels into town for the program as well as brings equipment in for Functional Threshold testing periodically at Syracuse Bicycle. The programs offer twice weekly group workouts and provide heart rate based weekly training schedules. There is an ongoing group Early Season olympic or half distance program underway with the Beginner and Late Season programs starting on May 16th. Personal programs are available to include power based programs as well.

For complete details contact:

Bike Loft East in Manlius has joined the group training scene as well with USA Triathlon Coach and Club member Kristin Roe leading the program. Weekly group sessions and coach/athlete meetings are included with schedules given in three week blocks. Lactate Testing is available and athletes will be grouped by experience level with sprint through full Ironman distance programs provided. Early training has already started and next phase starts March 1st.


Gazella Performance & Wellness Studio, in Skaneateles, has ongoing class as well as future classes for women only led by Reem Jishi, co-owner, Club member and Certified Triathlon as well as Cycling coach. Beginner program starts June 1st while Intermediate starts May 1st. They both have weekly plans plus four group sessions a week to include swimming in Skaneateles Lake. One on one training available also to include men as well. Contact Reem at: or (315) 729-8645.

The YMCA’s, here in Syracuse, have triathlon focused, location specific program directors (all Club members). Certified Coach, Kelly Covert leads the North Y in Liverpool as well as produces a monthly Y Triathlon newsletter. Coaches Chris Read and Mickey Piscitelli lead the downtown Y as well as serve as race directors for the Y’s Green Lakes Triathlon and Road Race respectively. And Lisa Hill just took the reins at the East Area Y in Fayetteville. Info on the various programs available at:

Certified Coach Lisa Barnes, offers group programs thru the Dewitt Gold’s Gym. She has an ongoing program as well as Beginner and Intermediate program starting in May. The program will include three group workouts as well as schedule for home workouts. See Lisa’s Facebook Page, “Dare to Tri with Lisa” or by contacting her directly at:

Engineered Triathletes’ Coaches Karen Allen Turner and Eric Prager, besides writing the “Ask the Coach” column in our newsletter, have been offering swim programs in Fulton throughout the winter and plan for some weekend triathlon workshops . They are coaching all levels of athletes personally. See their website at:

Certified Coach Janet Ohlsen is interested in coaching beginners and has been leading spinning sessions at the Club’s Winter Training Facility. Contact her at:

Coach Sean Reilley finishing his academics will be expanding his programs in the summer. He is currently coaching a Masters Swim program.

The Certified Triathlon Coaches in CNY are all highlighted with pictures on the CNY Tri Club’s web site: They offer personal coaching, as well as the programs mentioned above. Stay tuned for more opportunities.

You may be looking to get that slot for championships in the Olympic distance in Vermont this year, the 70.3 distance in Las Vegas, or Ironman in Kona. Time to take it to the next level.

Member Profile

March 2011 CNY Triathlon Club-Member Profile

Name: Mary Jo Galletta (New 2011 CNY Tri Club Board Member) Mar 11 Member Profile - Mary Jo

Tell us about yourself.

I live in Manlius with my husband John, and our two children.  Emma is 10 years old and Julian is 8 years old.  I am a Special Education teacher and work for Hear2Learn.  I grew up in Syracuse, moved to Baltimore in 1991 and than to Florida in 1999.  Our family moved back to the area in 2005.  In my opinion, living in central New York is one of the most ideal places to train for a triathlon.

How long have you been involved in Triathlon and what made you take it up?

I bought a bike in January 2010 and was convinced by my older brother to sign up for the Syracuse 70.3 right after that. I was a bit skeptical because when I signed up I had never done a triathlon. In order for me to get triathlon ready, I signed up with Fleet Feet’s Beginner Triathlon Training Program. It was a really great program for me. It kept me on a regimented schedule and the coaches were supportive and knowledgeable. Also, I was training with people who were in my same shoes – new to triathlons.

Who is your Hero?

I would have to say that growing up and becoming the person I am today, my mother is my hero. She has supported me every step of my life. In the triathlon world I would say that Brendan Jackson, the triathlon coach from Fleet Feet, is my hero. After I signed up for the beginner tri program, I said to him, “Am I crazy for signing up for the Syracuse 70.3 when I have never done a tri before?” (This was in April and the race was in September). He told me that he had confidence in me with my athletic background and my motivation to train. I wasn’t out to win; I just wanted to finish! He was at all the races I did, cheering all the new athletes, and let me tell you it is what you need to get to the finish line.

Mar 11 Member Profile - Mary JoWhat is your athletic background?

I swam JV and Varsity during junior high and high school, and started running in my 20’s. I participated in a lot of 5K’s and10K’s during this time. While living in Florida in 2002, a neighbor asked me to do the Disney Half Marathon with him. Again, I was skeptical because I had not run longer than 6 or 7 miles. What I remember most is that it was one of the coldest mornings on record for the race; it was a frigid 30 degrees. Having been living in Florida for the past 3 years, I had never been so cold. Now I love running when it is 30 and sunny. I completed 4 more half marathons since, and the time came again where I felt that I needed to take on a new challenge. Therefore, one week before I turned 40, I ran the Marine Corps Marathon. That was such a great experience for me. The crowd support was awesome. The best part was that my husband and kids saw me at least 5 times during the race. Seeing my kids and husband cheering for me throughout the race is what kept me going until I crossed the finish line.

What are your Triathlon strengths and weaknesses?

I swam all through high school, so I feel that swimming definitely is my strength.  I loved the swim at the Syracuse 70.3.  I found my space and just kept on going.  The water was very calm that morning, so that made it an easy swim for me.  I would like to improve my biking.  I often put the brakes on going down big hills, when this should be a time to gain speed and get ahead.  I am hoping to gain more confidence with this during the upcoming season.

Mar 11 Member Profile - Mary JoWhat was your first triathlon and what do you remember most?

My first triathlon was at Green Lakes this past summer. People told me that it was a great first tri race and they were right. This past year they opened it up to incorporate a lot of first time triathletes which was perfect for me. What I remember the most is having the confidence that I was a good swimmer, so I went right to the front of the first wave for the start of the swim. After about 10 strokes or so I thought I was going to drown! People were elbowing me, and swimming very close to me. I had never done a swim wave before and had no idea what to expect. I said to myself “I can’t finish this race. I want to get out of the water”. What came to me next was what I learned in the Beginner Tri Program, “You have to have a positive attitude, it’s all up there”. Next, I took a few big breaths while doing the breaststroke and got myself together, found my place in the water and went for it. I ended up finishing 5th in my age group and went home with a medal! So in the end it was a great race after all.

What is your favorite race and why?

I competed in Green Lakes, Cazenovia Olympic Distance, Skinnyman, Syracuse 70.3, and a Duathalon in October this past season. My favorite race was being a part of the Inaugural 70.3. There were so many people out supporting this huge event that took place in our hometown and Mar 11 Member Profile - Mary JoI was a part of that. When I got to the finish line and saw my family I had tears in my eyes. My kids came over to hug me and said “Mom you did a great job!!” That just made my day!! I guess I could say all the training I did for it was well worth it!

What was your worst race and why?

It would say the swim at the Cazenovia Tri was the most difficult. The water was so choppy and I had to do the loop twice. The bike was fine but the run was torture for me. My legs felt like cement. Thank god I hooked up with a FF Tri friend, during the last 4 miles of the run. We stuck it out and crossed the finish line together. I told him there was no way I was not going to do the Syracuse 70.3 because I felt so bad after this race and he said “don’t make any harsh decisions right now”. He was right. I just needed a few days to regroup.

What are this year’s goals?

This year I plan to focus more on the Sprint and Olympic distance triathlons along with my transitions. I would really like to get faster on the bike, and decrease my transition times. I am signed up for some of the same races so it will be interesting to see if I improve my times.

In five years you hope to:

I don’t really have any big race goals at this time. I plan to just keep doing triathlons to stay fit and healthy.

Something most people don’t know about you:

I am very scared of amusement park rides. I loved them as a kid, but now they just make me feel sick. My kids think it is really funny!!

Website Updates!

CNY Tri Club Web Site

Have you checked out your Club’s web site lately?

We continue to update it.

Did you know that links to all the pools available for lap swimming is on the site?

And lots of other training resources listed under the Local Training pull down menu.

Did you know the current and past newsletters are online and also available to print?

Did you want to know who is leading our Club?

Pictures to be posted online soon.

Do you know where to get proof of current Club membership?

Just click on 2011 CNY Tri Club Members List

Want to get excited about the upcoming season … Check out last year’s photos

2011 Race Dates

March 20, 2011 – Indoor Tri at the Y – North Area YMCA
Swim 15 minutes, Bike 15 minutes, Run 15 minutes
Contact: for more details.

May 7, 2011 – DU the Lakes

Run 3 mi, Bike 20 mi, Run 3 mi

(Race 1 of “Du Tri the Hills”)

May 29, 2011 – Cooperstown Sprint Triathlon

Swim 800m, Bike 11.6 mi, Run 3.1 mi

June 11, 2011 – Green Lakes Livestrong Triathlon SOLD OUT!

Swim 0.5 mi, Bike 20 k, Run 5 k

June 26, 2011 – Tri-Oswego

Both Sprint and Olympic distances – USAT Sanctioned

August 7, 2011 – Iron Girl Triathlon – SOLD OUT!
Swim 600m, Bike 30k, Run 5k

August 14, 2011 – Cazenovia Triathlon
Both Sprint and Intermediate Distances offered!

(Race 2 of “Du Tri the Hills”)

September 18, 2011 – Syracuse Ironman 70.3
Swim 1.2 mi, Bike 56 mi, Run 13.1 mi

October 1, 2011 – Cazenovia Hillbender Fall Classic

Bike 39 mi

(Race 3 of “Du Tri the Hills”)

About the CNY Tri Club
The CNY Triathlon Club is a volunteer organization operated and led by members of the club and supported by its members and sponsors.


CNY Triathlon Club was formed in January 2000 to bring together people in the Central New York area to strengthen and advance the sport of triathlon; promote the educational pursuit of the triathlon and general physical fitness; represent the sport of triathlon within the community, and to publish and disseminate information related to the sport of triathlon.

Our mission is to reach beyond ourselves and encourage others by sharing our experiences.

A Note from the Editor…

If any club member would like to contribute to our newsletter or help in editing and arranging it each month, contact me at

Amie Thomas,
Publisher & Editor
CNY Triathlon Club, Inc.

P.O. Box 434
Dewitt, New York 12314

Multisport Physical Therapy
Liverpool, NY
Must be able to provide proof of CNY Tri Club Membership
National Aquatics
Erie Boulevard, Syracuse
Must be able to provide proof of CNY Tri Club Membership
Syracuse Bicycle
Erie Boulevard, Syracuse
Must be able to provide proof of CNY Tri Club Membership
The Bikery
Baldwinsville, NY
Must be able to provide proof of CNY Tri Club Membership
The Bike Loft
South Bay Road, North Syracuse
Must be able to provide proof of CNY Tri Club Membership

Finger Lakes Running & Triathlon Co.
215 E. State St, Ithaca, NY

All CNY Triathlon Club members will receive $50 off of wetsuits and 10% off of all triathlon, swimming, cycling and nutritional products plus discounted bike fits.
Must be able to provide proof of CNY Tri Club Membership
3 Treasures Theraputic Massage
Must be able to provide proof of CNY Tri Club Membership

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