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October 2011 : Issue 32

Published: October 1, 2011 •

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October 2011 – Issue 32
In This Issue
Board Meeting
Tri Training: The Off Season
Traveling with a Bike
Or Ship that Bike
Member Profile
Slot Holders
Quick Links
Board Meeting

Our Board Meetings are now held the second Sunday of each month at 6pm.

Odd Months (January, March …) are held at Cicero (Circle Dr), Panera Bread.

Even Months (February, April …) are held at Dewitt (Erie Blvd), Panera Bread.

If you are interested in attending, please contact a board member directly or email the board at

We would love to have you participate!

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2011 Board Members

Sam Sampere, President

Meghan MacBlane, Vice President

Jill Poniros, Treasurer

Tom Stern,  Secretary

Deborah Armstrong

Volunteer Director

John Austin

Cazenovia Triathlon Director

Andy Dagati

Oneida Shores Event Co-Director

John Evans
Newsletter Editor

Mary Jo Galletta

Kids Tri Director

Bridget Lichtinger


Jim Mirra

Jamesville Event Director

Kristin Mullally

Oneida Shores Event Co-Director

Rich O’Neil

Race Volunteer Coordinator

Bill Street

At Large Director

All members of the Executive Board can be reached at:

Letter from the President

Hi all,

First, I want to wish Kelly Covert and Erika Adigun speedy recoveries after their bike crash a week ago. Without their helmets, I think neither would be with us today. Incidents like these are scary, and we are reminded just how precious life is, and how quickly it can be taken away. Please remember to ALWAYS wear your helmets when riding.

Our race season came to an abrupt halt last week after the DeRuyter Lake Triathlon. Special thanks to Jerry Rice for all he does to support triathlon in CNY. According to Jerry, about 70 athletes competed in his race. Congrats to all of you finishers.

Many of you completed our poll, thank you for your time and feedback. One popular request was to move the J’ville and OS Wednesday Night Tri series to another night. That’s just not possible because the name would need to change and we could no longer call it the Wednesday… Ok, that’s not why. We routinely have about 100 athletes at Jamesville, and we’ve seen 300+ at OS. Imagine if these sessions were on different nights. How many would turn out…? The motivation for expanding to OS was to thin the herd a bit, and that has worked tremendously. We are looking in to the feasibility of expanding yet again on Wednesday night. This time, we’re moving west to lovely Skaneateles Lake! We will keep you posted on these proceedings.

That being said, we do offer training on other days – M night at the SU track (though few participated this season), Tuesday night for a 10 mile TT, of course W night, the Saturday open water swims, etc. So, try to clear your Wednesday night schedule, at least once a month, and take advantage of these other opportunities.

Race season is over, but race season 2012 will be here before you know it! A little down time is ok, but if you take a month off, you’ll need 3 months to regain that fitness before you can start improving on this year’s results. Don’t let that happen to you! Keep moving! And to help you as winter comes on, the Winter Training Facility, passionately known as the WTF will re-open on November 1! If you have never popped your bike in a trainer, don’t sweat it. Bring your bike and we will happily show you how it’s done. This is also a good time to try clipless pedals and cycling shoes if that equipment is not yet a part of your arsenal. Currently we have sessions scheduled for M and T nights, of course Friday night movies, and others are requesting time slots. We should have a filled out schedule within 2 weeks or so.

Congrats to all you 70.3 finishers! Job well done, even if you weren’t as fast as you wished. That’s what our winter training is all about! I had a blast riding around photographing you all.

Lastly, we have two very important dates you need to reserve. Please keep Thursday 11/10 open for our next club meeting. You’ve heard of Speed Dating? We are hosting a Speed Coaching session. If you are in the market for a coach, you need to find one who matches your interests, abilities, personality, etc. You will have the opportunity to meet and chat with a coach before moving on to the next. Your next step would be to contact those of interest after the meeting for further discussion. Our venue will be moving to the former Budweiser Plant in B’ville. Club member Steve McCormick will be pouring! Coaches, if you want in, please e-mail me at

The CNY Triathlon Club will be hosting our first ever Holiday Party. The committee meets this weekend to hopefully finalize the details. We expect the bash to be on Saturday 12/3 (maybe Friday 12/2?) from 6 – 10. Music provided by the best party band in town – TCB, formerly The Celebration Band! So come on out and party with your clubmates!

I’ll leave you with this cartoon sent to me by Tracy…

Mon Tues WTF

Keep it fun!

Sam Sampere

President CNY Triathlon Club

Board Meeting

The October Board of Directors meeting will be held

at 6pm at the Dewitt (Erie Blvd) Panera bread

on Sunday, October 9th.

If you are interested in attending, email the board at:

Triathlon Training: The Off-Season

A time to reflect, review and plan ahead.

The 2011 triathlon season has, for most of us, come to an end. Yet, as one of the lyrics in Jennifer Lopez’s latest song “I’m into You” states:

“Every finish line is the beginning of a new race.”

The off season is a time to review your race results, think about the training you logged, the mental focus and effort you put into each of your workouts and reflect upon what you achieved this past year.

  • Did you meet the goals you established at the beginning of the season?
  • Did you embrace spending time doing drills in the pool and improve your swim stroke, as you promised yourself you would?
  • Were you finally invited to “hang” with faster cyclists on long rides and able to suck their wheel the entire ride?
  • Finally, were you able to run faster off the bike and hold that pace for the entire distance of your race – not simply the first 2 miles?

As triathletes, you should consider taking a moment or two to write down all that went well with your season and what you feel you could improve upon. As you go through this exercise, ask yourself – what should I ‘start doing’ to improve my times for next season and what should I ‘stop doing’ that is holding me back. If your race season did not go according to plan, why didn’t it?

  • Did you gloss over the BASE PERIOD and start hammering your workouts right out of the gate?
  • Did you miss key workouts during the BUILD PHASE of your training plan?
  • Was your nutrition plan to work-out for 4 to 5 hours at a time on the weekends and gorge yourself on nachos and burgers as your reward?

Conversely, if you experienced an “A+” season, what did you do consistently that helped you the most?

  • Did you execute a solid training plan?
  • Did you mentally focus on meeting with success before every race?
  • Or did you simply blow off your Tri Coach and do whatever you wanted this season?

It could be a myriad of factors.

During the off season, one of the best ways to get faster and move up the age group rankings is to improve your technique and efficiency in all three disciplines. As you are already aware, better technique means decrease in energy spent, increase in faster splits and fewer injuries. Increasing your efficiency and technique during the off season builds the training foundation and sets you up for a successful season.

  • Spend one day a week doing only swim drills instead of pushing laps.
  • Focus on spinning at a higher cadence on your bike. This will definitely improve your cycling times.
  • Run with better form; do not allow your arms to cross over the imaginary center line of your body.
  • Have your training partner and/or coach watch or video tape you performing all three sports and critique you.
  • Above all, the best way to improve running form and times is by spending time on the track doing run workouts.

I hear from many triathletes that their run is their worst sport out of all three of the disciplines. They think if they simply put more miles in on their sneakers they will get faster. NOT HAPPENING FOLKS!!! Get on the TRACK!!

Focus on building strength – especially core strength. There is no better way to lose fat, decrease the chance of injury and look better than hitting the weights. Identify a program that has various phases and emphasis. If this is your first time lifting weights, always start off with a light weight and increase repetitions. For those of you who recently participated in Syracuse 70.3 and/or have this race in your plan for 2012, you will need overall strength to successfully carry you through both a hilly ride and run course.

Try new courses this season. Cease from riding and running the same loops. Shake it up a bit and add flats, or hills in both your rides and runs. Change it up so you create new challenges on your body. Your body only gets stronger and fitter when you introduce variation into your training plan.

By changing the program, challenging you to new things and opening your mind to achieving training obstacles you will begin your 2012 season fitter and faster than ever before.

Stacy Wanamaker is a USAT Level I certified coach.

She can be reached at

(315) 250-2969

Downhill Skiing Club Passes

For the second year CNY Triathlon Club will be offering its members the opportunity to purchase discount downhill season ski passes. Last year our passes were at Labrador Mountain.

This year we will offer passes at both Labrador & Song Mountain. The passes are generally once a week “shift” passes but full passes also can be purchased through the program. Full details will be forwarded to the membership soon via the list serve and also in the November Newsletter.

Questions? contact



Training Season Complete – 2012 Registration Open

CNY Tri Club 2012 Registration is OPEN!

It is that time of year again.  Time to renew for the year 2012!  Membership runs for the calendar year only.  Take advantage of the Winter Training Facility not just this fall but into the new year when you renew your membership!


Traveling With a Bike

Are you traveling to a race? Or vacation and want to bring your bike with you? Here’s a few tips to remember before you jet set with your bike!

First. Airlines charge a hefty fee for taking your precious piece of workout equipment with you. If you can fly Southwest Airlines, they are the cheapest at $50 each way.  US Airways charges $100 each way and the rest of the carriers range anywhere from $175 up. Inernational flights can be upwards of $400, EACH WAY!

If your traveling for a vacation and think you may only ride a few days it may be worth your while to rent a bike. Most major cities have reputable bike shops with good quality bikes to rent. It may not be the exact bike you ride but it may save you some big $$$.  All you will need to bring are your pedals, shoes and helmet. Most shops will also rent you a bike pump and flat kit.

If you decide to take your bike with you (for a race of course) here are a few things to remember. You’ll need to be sure to rent a car big enough to fit you, your luggage and your bike case. Most small SUV’s and mid size sedans will accomidate all of your gear. You can NOT bring CO2 cartidges on an airplane, even if they’re packed in your bike case. So leave those at home. You’ll have to purchase them at a shop when you reach your destination. Keep your receipt and return them if you don’t need them before you depart!

Give yourself a few extra minutes at the airport to check in your bike. Make sure that its under 50 lbs or you may incur another fee.  Be prepared for security to open up your bike case and go through it.  Most of the time you drop your bike and they look through it as they check it in.

If you’ve never taken your bike apart it’s best to find someone who has or go to your favorite bike shop.  I’ve done it so many times I can get it broken down and packed in less than 30 minutes. If you’ve never assembled your own bike before you may want to make an appointment at a local shop at your destination for them to put it togethor for you. There’s usually a minimal charge but at least you’ll have peace of mind that everything is done correctly.

To break the bike down and pack you’ll need a few things:

bubble wrap, pedal wrench, hex wrench, zip ties and scissors.

– First thing is to take your pedals off.  I like to take my pedals with me in my carry on.

– Next you’ll need to take off the seat post. Be sure to mark your post with either tape or permanent marker. Wrap the seat post in bubble wrap.

– Then take off the handle bars. This can easily be done by unscrewing the screw in the headset. Once you’ve got the bars off return the screw and tighten so you won’t lose it.

– Lay the handlebars down the side of the bike while you remover the wheels. Place the skewers in a ziplock baggie.

There are many types of cases out there and each one requires a different position for your bike to be in. I’ve got the Ironcase which lies flat on the floor and has 3 cushions.

– Place the bike frame on top of one cushion in the case. You may need to ziptie the rear derailleur in place so it doesn’t hit the back side of the case.

– Arrange the handle bars on top of the  front fork. Wrap the bars in bubble wrap and secure tightly with zipties.

– Place the seat/seat post in the case where it will fit and secure it to the bike frame with zip ties.  Place the other cushion on top of the bike.

– Then place the wheels in the case. Use a towel or bubble wrap to keep the wheels from touching each other.  Place the 3rd cushion on top .

I like to wrap all of my tools in bubble wrap and place them in the bottom of the case under the bike. This is a good place to keep your skewers as well.

– Finally close the case. Believe it or not this is the hardest part!!! Line up all of the corners of the case and then gently tighten the straps. Do each strap a little at a time so that you get even pressure around the case. Once it looks like everything is lined up the tighten the straps securely.

Be sure to label your case with name , address and phone number.

Happy trails wherever your destination may be!!!

Kristen A Roe
USAT Level I Coach

Train This Multisport Coaching

Bike Box Loaner Program

The CNY Tri Club has two metal bike boxes for shipping your bike to that distant triathlon that you want to compete in.  To use a bike box, you must be a CNY Tri Club member.

In order to reserve a box, simply call ahead.  The boxes will be available for pick up from Syracuse Bicycle on Erie Blvd, Syracuse (446-6816) or Multisport Physical Therapy on First St, Suite B, Liverpool (451-2270).

Or Ship that Bike

How do we travel with our bikes if airplanes were involved? The short answer is  – we don’t. We ship them ahead.

Early on we took the bikes with us as checked baggage on the plane. It was always an adventure! Even pre 9/11 (and pre baggage charges). There was always an exorbitant charge to check the bikes and if they didn’t show up at your destination you were out of luck.  (We saw that happen more than once. Lost luggage?).  If the bike was totally lost you were out all but the maximum amount the airline would allow for lost luggage – About $3,000. My Zipps cost almost that much. Also, it was a huge hassle to drag the bike cases around the airports along with all of the other stuff you need to haul with you for a Tri. After 9/11 it was even worse because the TSA would open the bike case to check contents and believe me, they don’t re-pack the bike as carefully as you do.

The work I used to do had me traveling and I needed a lot of equipment . We would always ship it ahead. So I thought why not do it with the bikes.

Shipping ahead was headache free. The process is simple. Find a room near the race well in advance. Call to confirm that the hotel will accept and hold your bike case(s) when they arrive. Book the room, and ship to the hotel address by ground shipping 7 days before you plan to arrive.

Check with FedEx or UPS to see who is cheaper. (Know the dimensions of your bike case and make sure you check prices to include what you are going to insure the bike for. Box the bike and take it into the FEDEX or UPS store for shipping. So far I’ve found FEDEX cheaper.)

The advantages are many:

-No airport hassles.

-Your bike is there when you get there. You don’t need to rent a van to get it from the airport to your hotel

-The cost is much cheaper than flying it with you. (Cost depends on how much you insure it for).

-You can track the delivery if it is shipped and you can confirm delivery with the hotel when it arrives – No lost luggage.

-If they lose it you get what you insured the bike for. Plus you should know far enough in advance to make other arrangements for a bike for the race.

The only disadvantage I’ve found is shipping the bike 7 days in advance. You can’t get in that last few easy mile before the race on the bike you are going to ride.

Hope this helps,

Bob Burton

Surveys coming in … Need Help with Web Site Content

The surveys have been coming in.  We are noticing quite a few comments regarding keeping the web site up to date.  We may shuffle the board directors around to manage the web site better.

We need help with the parts of our web site that need to be updated regularly.  We are in the process of creating a web site group to break up the many facets of the web site to keep it current.  We are not necessarily looking for computer savvy members, as we need help in first identifying and updating content on the web site.  If you are more computer oriented then we may have you do some of updates directly to the web site as well, but we have a webmaster and board member that can do most of the web site reconstruction.

So please respond to the executive board if you could take on some responsibility for the Club.

Race Schedule Coordinator for the Web Site: Update Race Schedule and links to results on the web site throughout the season.

Local Training Resources for the Web Site: Research, identify and update local training resources throughout the year.

Club Calendar Coordinator for the Web Site: Update Club Calendar and links on the web site throughout the year.

Thanks for your Help!

Member Profile

October 2011 CNY Triathlon Club-Member Profile

Name: Crystal Jordan

Tell us about yourself. I grew up on Long Island and have lived in that area for most of my life except for a brief time in South Dakota. I have been in Syracuse for a year and a half.

How long have you been involved in Triathlon and what made you take it up?

My sister placed me on the mailing list for Team in Training NYC, so I begain training for triathlons with Team in Training. I have completed three triathlons, and my first was in 2007.

Who is your Hero?

I admire people who are not afraid to work toward a goal against all odds even if that goal is just to survive for another day.

Tracy with Crystal

Tracy Cromp with Crystal Jordan

What is your athletic background?

I began swimming competitively at age six. In seventh grade, I stopped swimming and began playing field sports, field hockey and lacrosse. I played field hockey and lacrosse through high school but did not play in college. After college, my only excercise was going to the gym until I started training for triathlons.

What are your Triathlon strengths and weaknesses?

Swimming is my strength and running is my weakness.

Cyrstal Jordan in the Water

What was your first triathlon and what do you remember most?

My first triathlon was in South Dakota. I remember the hills the most.

What is your favorite race and why?

I don’t have a favorite race yet.

What was your worst race and why?

I am happy with any race that I finish.

What are this year’s goals?

I completed Caz intermediate. I would like to complete Syracuse 70.3 in under 8 hours next year. I made my first attempt this year but didn’t finish. I’m still glad that I tried, am thankful for all the support from everyone, and am looking forward to next June!

In five years you hope to … :

Still be training and completing triathlons.

Something most people don’t know about you:

I like foreign films.


As triathlon season hit its peak, CNY TRIATHLON CLUB members have been staying late after races to wait for the awards ceremonies. Among our award winners were:

DU THE LAKES DUATHLON: Chary Griffin, 1st F 60-64

GREEN LAKES TRIATHLON: Bob Vidulich, 2nd M 60-64

EXTERRA SKY HIGH ADVENTURE TRIATHLON, Troy, NY, 7/23/11, Bob Vidulich, 1st M 60-64


TRI OSWEGO INTERMEDIATE: Don Healey, 1st M 60+ (at 60 yrs., 1day)

Mindy Lu Gaffney, 1st F 55-59Podium

PISECO LAKE: Don Healey, 1st M 60+

River Rat Tri: Don Healey, 2nd M 60 +

MUSSELMAN SPRINT: Chary Griffin, 3rd F 60-64

IRONGIRL: Mimi Satter, 3rd, 60-64

Mindy Lou Gaffney, 2nd, 55-59

CAYUGA LAKE SPRINT TRI: Lauri Francis, 3rd F, 50-5

SKINNYMAN: Sam Clemence, 1st 70+

ESCAPE FROM THE JUDGE: Sam Clemence, 1st 70+

I’M ALL THAT: Bob Vidulich, 2nd, 60-64

IRONMAN 70.3 SYRACUSE: Pete Winkler, 1st 60-64

Emily Johnson, 4th F 18-24

Peggy Perkins, 3rd 55-59

Ashley Dayer and Team Gazella, 3rd Women’s Relay

Mike Corona, 2nd M 35-39.

Mike qualified for the 2012 IM 70.3 World Championship in Las Vegas


qualified to be a member of Team USA for the 2012 Intermediate Distance World Championship

in Auckland, New Zealand by finishing 13/26 in F 60-64 age group.

A special recognition to Alex Johnson who took to the highways for 5 races and won the M 45-49 AG in each one:

Flower City Challenge Duathlon, Rochester NY 4/30/11

Fly By Night Duathlon, Watkins Glen NY, 5/28/11

Quakerman Sprint Triathlon, Orchard Park NY, 6/26/11

Tri Dunkirk F1 Triathlon, Dunkirk NY, 8/27/11

Rev 3 Cedar Point Half Rev, Sandusky OH, 9/11/11

Congratulations to all of you award winners, and remember to keep those award winning performances coming in. If you receive an overall or AG award at any late season race, or if you do a race in warmer climates, let me know.

Tom Stern

Championship Slot Holders
Congratulations to all the Syracuse 70.3 2011 Qualifiers

for the IronmanSyracuse 70.3 logo 70.3 World Championships, Las Vegas 2012



F 18-24



F 25-29



F 25-29



F 30-34



F 30-34


Zemba Leigh

F 30-34



F 35-39



F 35-39



F 35-39



F 40-44



F 40-44



F 40-44



F 45-49



F 45-49



F 50-54



F 50-54



F 55-59



F 65-69



M 18-24



M 18-24



M 25-29



M 25-29



M 30-34



M 30-34



M 35-39



M 35-39



M 35-39



M 35-39



M 40-44



M 40-44



M 40-44



M 40-44



M 45-49



M 45-49



M 45-49



M 50-54



M 50-54



M 55-59



M 60-64



M 65-69

About the CNY Tri Club
The CNY Triathlon Club is a volunteer organization operated and led by members of the club and supported by its members and sponsors.


CNY Triathlon Club was formed in January 2000 to bring together people in the Central New York area to strengthen and advance the sport of triathlon; promote the educational pursuit of the triathlon and general physical fitness; represent the sport of triathlon within the community, and to publish and disseminate information related to the sport of triathlon.

Our mission is to reach beyond ourselves and encourage others by sharing our experiences.

A Note from the Editor…

If any club member would like to contribute to our newsletter or help in editing and arranging it each month, contact me at

John Evans,
Publisher & Editor
CNY Triathlon Club, Inc.

P.O. Box 434
Dewitt, New York 12314

Multisport Physical Therapy
Liverpool, NY
National Aquatics
Erie Boulevard, Syracuse
Syracuse Bicycle
Erie Boulevard, Syracuse
The Bikery
Baldwinsville, NY
The Bike Loft
South Bay Road, North Syracuse

Finger Lakes Running & Triathlon Co.
215 E. State St, Ithaca, NY

All CNY Triathlon Club members will receive $50 off of wetsuits and 10% off of all triathlon, swimming, cycling and nutritional products plus discounted bike fits.
3 Treasures Theraputic Massage

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