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March 2015 : issue 72

Published: March 4, 2015 •

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March 2015
From the President

Dear Members,

We have a very exciting event on Sunday, March 29, and I hope you join us.

The CNY Tri Club and Onondaga Cycling Club would like to invite you to the Spring Fling at the Winter Training Facility (WTF) located in Shoppingtown Mall.

The goal of the Spring Fling can be summed up in one word: COMMUNITY. Getting together to have some food, beverages and fun to kick start the season.

Here is what we have planned: 

  • Inaugural Time Trial Wars!
  • Members will go head-to-head in a 20-minute TT for badass bragging rights. TT Wars will begin at 8 a.m. and the awards ceremony will be at 4 p.m. Who will win the war? Come out to find out and to cheer (or heckle) members as they compete.
  • Educational seminars. Starting at 9 a.m. we will have a series of learning opportunities that we hope you find very helpful (see Spring Fling info below).
  • Food, beer, wine, soda and friends. Come out and have some food and drinks on us. Mix and mingle with fellow club members. Meet the great local vendors who will be there to answer your questions. Some even have some awesome goodies they will be handing out.

We really hope you will join us. Because we are all in this together.


CNY Triathlon Club

Next Board Meeting: Sunday, March 8, 6 p.m., WTF


  Sunday, March 29

CNY Tri Club Winter Training Facility – Shoppingtown Mall








TEAM Registration link:

INDIVIDUAL Registration link:



CNY Tri and Onondaga Cycling Club will each have teams; there is an individual category as well. Participants will have 15 minutes to warm up on the Computrainers and then the war begins: 20 minutes ALL OUT! Don’t worry it will be flat! And drafting will be on for the teams!


Awards and bragging rights will be at 4 p.m. with plenty of beer and wine. Who will be crowned the winner and earn bragging rights for 2015?

8 a.m. – Teams

9 – Individuals

10 a.m. – Teams

11 a.m. – Individuals

1 p.m. – Teams

2 p.m. – Individuals

3 p.m. – Teams

(Heat times assigned after registration)






9  a.m. – Road Etiquette/OCC Programs

Ever wonder why we bike with traffic and not against? Or you want to ride with a group, but aren’t sure what to do? Mike Lyon and Todd Relyea from OCC will cover all the basics and tell you about the great rides OCC has to offer.

10 a.m. – Protect Yourself & Your Bike! Bike Laws

As a cyclist you have rights. Do you know what they are? However, as a cyclist you could be liable. Do you know why? Ben Rabin the Bike Lawyer will explain how to protect yourself and make sure you are covered.

11 a.m. – Bike Handling Skills 101

Do you break out in a sweat when you are approaching a sharp turn? What about going downhill? Sam Sampere, USAT certified Triathlon Coach, will cover all the basics with you so you will feel more confident on the road.

BRING YOUR BIKE to practice!

Noon – When & Why to Hire a Coach?

You feel you are ready to make the jump to an endurance triathlon, but are wondering if you should hire a coach. Maybe you are looking to improve your current performance. When do you decide it is time for a coach? Kelly Covert, Co-founder and Coach

of Strong Body, Whole Heart, will talk about when to think about a coach and why.

1 p.m. – Introduction to Triathlon

You are thinking of signing up for a triathlon or this is your first one. Maybe you have done one, but still have some questions. How do you prepare? Jennifer Hughes,

YMCA Triathlon Director, will give you an overview of the wonderful world of triathlon and get you on the track for a great season.


We need volunteers for the potluck. Please help :-)

Interested? Email Tamara at by March 23.




Come meet and talk with the local vendors that help CNY Triathlon Club members meet their goals.


  • Kathy MacDowell, LMT Tranquility Therapeutic Massage
  • Kim Fischer, Lotus Life Yoga Center. Kim is offering 10% off all yoga class packages during the week of March 23. 
  • Jeremy Clay, Bike Loft East. Jeremy is will be offering Bike Loft East Tune Up Coupons, good for $25 off a standard tune-up and $35 off a super tune-up at Bike Loft East, 119 W. Seneca St., Manlius.


Important Notice: Ignore at Your Own Peril

The Winter Training Facility is closing soon. 

The WTF will be closing for the season on Sunday, March 29. If you have a bike at the WTF then you must pick it up before that date.  After that date we cannot guarantee to have a volunteer meet you to get your bike. If we still have your bike at the WTF after April 1, then we thank you for your donation! :-)

Ask the Coach

I hope you are enjoying our new feature, Ask the Coach. Members are urged to submit questions to The editor will then forward the question to that month’s coach. I hope this feature will provide valuable information as well as help you get to know the triathlon resources available in our area. This month’s coach is Laura Henry.

We all know this has been a brutal winter, so bad that outdoor running on some days has been impossible, and very few of us have gotten outside on our bikes. What do you tell triathletes as we enter March (and the hope of warmer weather), and they perhaps overdo it they’re so excited for the conditions?

I can certainly relate to being excited for non-brutal outdoor training conditions! My first outdoor road ride of the season is always worthy of a social media post. 😉 I advise athletes to keep the bigger picture in mind, which includes their long-term goals for the season (and perhaps beyond). Overdoing it right now might not seem like a big deal, but it can have a lasting ripple effect if they end up with an overuse injury. No one wants to miss their goal event due to injury. If they do realize that they may have overdone it after a workout or two in better conditions, I advise them to scale back their upcoming workouts (in both duration and intensity). Or, if an injury is a concern, to take a rest day or two in order to try and nip it in the bud early on versus pushing through and possibly further aggravating any injury that may be brewing and could force them to need to take more time off.

Speaking of winter, what sort of coaching goes on in the colder months?

Generally speaking, for athletes whose goal events are in the main triathlon season, I use wintertime to help athletes develop a solid base for the upcoming season, no matter what distance or level athlete they may be. I also work with the athlete during this time to develop a solid annual training plan so that we’re both on the same page about what the road map to his/her goals looks like. I incorporate more functional strength training into my athletes’ plans during the winter months to help them correct imbalances that triathletes are prone to (weak hips, etc.); since they aren’t peaking for a race, they have more training hours that can be allocated for those types of workouts. Since athletes in our home region are confined to mostly indoor training during the winter months, it is a good opportunity to work on swim drills and skills in the pool to help reduce drag in the water, help improve form, and therefore help the athlete get faster on the swim during race season. Bike trainer workouts provide an opportunity for drills that cannot be completed in road riding (i.e. single leg drills) and controlled, focused efforts that have a strong and lasting training benefit since trainer rides are not susceptible to factors such as weather, road conditions and coasting. Even the dreaded treadmill can be a very useful tool during this time when paired with specific workouts that can make speed work a safe option when the roads and tracks outside are too slick to do speed work safely. Although our climate does keep many people inside during the winter months, this time of year does provide athletes with opportunities to incorporate other forms of fitness that take place outdoors into their training regimens if they choose to do so, such as cross-country skiing, snow shoeing and fat biking. This adds variety, keeps athletes from getting too much cabin fever, and breaks up the monotony of the same swim, bike and run workouts that are completed when it’s warm. I personally use outdoor fat bike rides as my long endurance cycling rides and snow shoe running on outdoor trails as my aerobic interval workouts during the winter. If my athletes have the desire and the gear to complete these types of workouts, I incorporate them into their plans. Finally, if an athlete has a nagging injury from the previous season, I work with them to heal and get stronger safely so that they have an opportunity to work toward new goals once winter is over.

You are fairly new to the coaching profession. Why did you decide to pursue it?

My longtime coach, Karen Allen-Turner, helped me (and is still helping me) develop into the best athlete I can be and helped me reach goals I never even knew I had for myself. It lit a spark in me and I became a healthier, more well-rounded, more social and more fit person because of the lifestyle changes that accompanied my participation in the sport. In 2012 I started volunteering with Team Red, White & Blue (Team RWB), a non-profit veteran support organization whose mission is to enrich the lives of America’s veterans through physical fitness and social activity. I took on a volunteer leadership role within my local chapter (Team RWB Syracuse) and have had the honor to work with a diverse group of athletes, comprising both veterans and civilians, over the last three years. I had just ended a toxic relationship that had destroyed me in many ways when I joined Team RWB, and the people in this group helped me heal and become myself again in countless ways. Both Karen and Team RWB inspired me to want to help others reach their goals as much as they helped me. Since triathlon has become a passion of mine, I felt it most appropriate to pursue coaching in this discipline. I started coaching athletes in 2013, and completed my USA Triathlon Level I certification in 2014 while being mentored by Karen. I came on board with The Right Fit MultiSports this season as a coach, and I am currently working toward completing a couple more certifications this year so I can better serve and assist my athletes; there’s always something new to learn, no matter how long I’ve been in the sport as an athlete or a coach.

Laura Henry is a USA Triathlon Level I Certified Coach with The Right Fit MultiSports ( She has been involved in the sport of triathlon for five years. After a relatively inactive childhood, she participated in her first triathlon in 2010 and instantly fell in love with all three disciplines. As a swing shift worker with a demanding schedule, Laura knows what it’s like to set goals and train as a time-limited athlete on a non-traditional schedule, and she focuses on developing plans for other time-crunched athletes. Her enthusiasm and passion for helping athletes of all ability levels have allowed her to coach several athletes to success. Laura still trains and races competitively with Team Red, White & Blue (, and aside from triathlon, her interests include traveling, hiking, photography, mountain biking, cooking, skiing and snow shoeing. You can reach her at


Cazenovia Triathlon
August 23, 2015
Registration is open.
 Click here to register
We are pleased to announce the 15th edition of the

Cazenovia Triathlon.
Set for Sunday, August 23, we welcome all former and future Caz Tri finishers.

The date has changed to August 23 to allow those racing Ironman Lake Placid and Iron Girl Syracuse plenty of time to rest and recover as well as helping extend the race season a bit further toward the fall.

Out 2015 goal is to make it all about the athletes and bring back what made us fall in love with about the sport of triathlon. We are offering the lowest registration price in Central New York through February 6, bringing back the race t-shirts, offering finisher medals for all of those who cross that finish line, and so much more. We have also changed our registration service to cut the cost on processing fees.

2015 also offers an exciting new race with the intermediate relay. Just like the sprint relay, athletes can race the intermediate distance in two- or three-person teams.

Registration for the 15th annual Cazenovia Triathlon opened Feb 3 at noon. For the most up to date race information, please visit either: 


Registration can be found at:


Good luck with your upcoming training and we hope to see you in August.

Tanya Gesek

Tell us about yourself. I am a psychologist who specializes in children and families. I have a private practice and also work part time for SUNY Upstate in the Pediatrics Department. I have lived in the Syracuse area since 2000 and am the mother of a 12-year-old son, Kai, who is a seventh grader at Jamesville-DeWitt Middle School.

How long have you been involved in triathlon and what made you take it up? I signed up for my first triathlon a little over four years ago when I turned 40. Call it an early midlife crisis!

Who is your hero? That is a hard question. There are so many people that I have been impressed with over time, not always someone famous. The heroes are the unknowns that overcome such adversity to bounce back and be better than ever. No one person fits that bill for me. 

What is your athletic background? I started as a dancer and dabbled in soccer throughout high school and college. I never really saw myself as an athlete but was always active.

What are your triathlon strengths and weaknesses? It’s funny, when I started to get back into fitness after my son was born, I picked up running. Now I feel like my running sucks. I guess many triathletes feel that way. I only learned to swim after I signed up for Iron Girl so that should be my weakest link but it is the sport I have grown to love the most.

What was your first triathlon and what do you remember most? Iron Girl 2011! Leading up to it I was terrified. Thanks to my first coach, Lisa Dolbear, what I remember most is feeling like I really belonged out there, like I had found my niche.

What is your favorite race and why? I have to say that Gillie Girl is my fave. Iron Girl was definitely my first and has a special place in my heart, but it feels good to do a truly local race for women that also supports a great cause. 

What was your worst race and why? All of them. . . just kidding. I guess my worst race ultimately has been the best learning moment for me. I had to DNF Du the Lakes one year due to a calf injury. Devastating but humbling at the same time.  I learned to listen to my body and let the smaller race go. I was registered for my 70.3 and I wanted to be whole for that. It ended up being a good call, but a rough moment.

What races are on your race calendar for 2015? I am registered for Ironman Lake Placid. Eek. Before that I hope to complete the Syracuse Half Marathon, Syracuse Springtime 10K, Triple T in Ohio, and Syracuse 70.3.  After that I will turn to zumba and hiking for a while.

What are this year’s goals? This year I am hoping to see just what I can push my body to do. Whereas I never would have thought it four years ago, finishing IMLP will be a truly amazing personal and fitness goal. I have a great coach in Jennifer Corona and great supporters in my friends, family and triathlon community. (Thanks, Joe!) Together, I think we got this.

In five years you hope to. . . In five years, I would love to have the fitness to realistically sign up for another Ironman.

Something most people don’t know about you. So maybe keep it to things people don’t know but want to know? I have two tattoos and have picked out my third, I danced on Club MTV in the 1980s and I love ABBA.

What triathlon has taught you. There is nothing you can’t do.

Discount for Tri Club Members

HITS Endurance is offering club members a 50% discount on registration to two of its summertime events, HITS North Country and HITS Kingston.

Located in Hague, HITS North Country is tucked away in the rugged Adirondacks, making it a perfect location for all Northeast area athletes. HITS North Country will be the set-ting for a breathtaking race unlike any other, beginning in scenic Hague and encompassing several local communities. Featuring one of the greatest open water swims in stunning Lake George, HITS North Country is a race to remember. Race weekend is June 27-28. Register here:

On July 11-12, head downstate for the inaugural HITS Kingston Triathlon.

Experience the splendor and beauty of the Hudson River, Ashokan Reservoir and Rondout Waterfront. You’ll be welcomed by warm weather, HITS’ knowledgeable tri staff and fellow athletes. Register here:


As an added challenge, all competitors who beat HITS race director Mark H. Wilson in the full distance race win a FREE entry to the full at HITS Kingston 2016.

Now for the best part: Members of the CNY Triathlon club will enjoy a 50% discount off of the base/full price for sprint, olympic, half and fll distances by using the code CNYSAVES. The code will be good up to 30 days out from each event.


CNY Triathlon Club | Box 434 | Dewitt | NY | 13214

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