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Multisport Physical Therapy & Fitness  – SAVE 10%

Contact Chuck Prosser, PT
Phone (315) 451-2270


“Véloved Multisport – 50% off Consults.”

Have questions related to your training or racing? Need to dial in your race-day plan? What about training with heart rate monitor, GPS, or a power meter? In a slump and wonder whether you should push through or if you might be on the verge of overtraining? Wish you could just sit down with an experienced coach and get the answers you need? The Véloved Coaching team is here to answer these questions, and many more. So email us today and see how we can put those nagging questions to rest.




As a member of the CNY Triathlon Club you get a club discount of 60% off the Vortex, Vector Pro and Velocity M Speedsuit!

Visit the Xterra site for more details!

Club Coupon Code: C-CNYTC


CNY Tri Club Bike Boxes

As one of our members you have access to the box loaner program. The CNY Triathlon club has two metal bike boxes for shipping your bike for that distant triathlon you have been wanting to do.

  1. You must be a CNY Tri club member.
  2. Email to make arrangements.