The CNY Triathlon Club is a volunteer-run club. Without people giving of their time and energy, we would not have a club.

We have a lot of great training opportunities each week during the season, but without volunteers to help things run smoothly and ensure the safety of our members, we cannot put these events on. Please make an effort to volunteer for at least one training event during the summer.

It’s easy to volunteer!!

  1. Click on one of the links below for the site’s volunteer spreadsheet with all the dates and positions needed.
  2. Fill in your name in the date and position you can fill.

IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS OPENING THE SPREADSHEET email  volunteers@cnytriathlon.org

Here is a description of the positions needed:



Please arrive by 5:15 to set-up to check people in and as people finish check them out. Volunteers will be given a membership contact list by the Site Director. Put a check mark next to the members name as they come in and again, when they check-out. Volunteers will also mark the back of members right hand with the number that is next to the members name on the contact sheet. Members that fail to sign-out will be called to ensure they are okay.

  • Check In / Check Out

Swim Counter

Please arrive no later than 5:40 p.m. Volunteers will count members as they go into the water and check to make sure they are marked, and then count members as they come out to insure everyone is out of the water safely. Volunteers will be provided with hand counters from the Site Director.

  • Swim Counters

Bike Spotter/Marshall

Please arrive no later than 5:30. Check in with Site Director for instructions. Volunteers will man turns on the bike course. Volunteers are to give cyclists advance notice as they approach an intersection or turn around as whether there is any traffic approaching. Volunteers are to have a cell phone with them and the Site Directors cell number.

  • Bike Spotters:


Tom Stern is the director at Jamesville Beach. All volunteers will report to him.

Mindy Lu Gaffney is the director at Oneida Shores. All volunteers will report to him.

Eric Prager is the director of Gillie Lake. All volunteers will report to him.



Cazenovia Triathlon

The Cazenovia Triathlon is also put on by the CNY Triathlon Club. We need many volunteers to help this race run smoothly. Please consider volunteering if you are not racing in Cazenovia.

To volunteer, us the online sign up form or email caztrivolunteers@cnytriathlon.org with CAZ Tri in the subject line if you have any questions.

Then, you can check to see what tasks you’ve been approved for on the Cazenovia Triathlon volunteer roster 2013 spread sheet .

Even if one is racing at Cazenovia, they can still volunteer by

  • Helping to stuff the goodie bags prior to the weekend races
  • Handing out registration packets on Friday and Saturday prior to the race
  • Setting up the transition area on Saturday afternoon prior to the race
  • Handing our Sunday morning packets or body marking prior to racing
  • Volunteering post-race on Sunday to help with disassembly of transition area and packing up.

Thanks for giving your time to help the CNY Triathlon Club be great!!