TRASHMAN 2016

It’s almost time for TRASHMAN 2016. Saturday morning April 23 at 9AM will be the date and time. The Trashman is CNY Tri’s community service project to clean trash and debris from a 2.6 mile section Apulia Rd. outside of Jamesville Beach Park. It is our way of giving back to the community for their tolerance of our summertime Week Night Training, and also an attempt to clean up the area for out of town Syracuse 70.3 visitors. After an hour of trash clean up, hop on your bike for an optional bike ride. This will be a great opportunity to try out the new 70.3 bike course(or a shorter option of your choice). Maps of the new course will be provided. Or run,if you prefer.
Bring old clothes(no shorts), shoes/boots, and work gloves. We will provide safety vests and trash bags.
Trash pick up is on, regardless of weather. Bike/run is your call.




Jamesville over to Sweet  Road to top of Pompey Hill (and back down US 20 to Apulia Road) = 22 miles

Apulia to Rte 80 over to Berry to go down Clark Hollow Hill = 23 miles

Up the 70.3 Run Course Hills and then up Pompey Hill Bike Course Climb= 26 miles

… up Pompey Hill and down to Fabius and over to Berry to return down Clark Hollow Hill = 31 miles

… up Pompey Hill, Fabius, down&up on Rte 80, around DeRuyter Resvr back Rte 80 to Berry and Clark Hollow downhill = 48 miles

Apulia to Rte 80 over thru Fabius to complete the 70.3 Bike course (without the Pompey Hill Climb) = 55 miles

OK … Jamesville and up Pompey Hill for the entire 70,3 Bike Course = 56 miles

Check the Calendar or this page for further announcements about the Trashman, or contact OR